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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Slowing down in the Carpool Lane

~Last year I was driving in my car, my heart feeling pressed down with the weight of anxiety. In my mind I was playing over all the things I hadn't gotten done, all my weaknesses and fumbles.

"I'm such a scattered girl. Why can't I focus? Why am I so forgetful?"

~The heaviness pressed in hard until I prayed aloud, "Lord, why can't I just be one of those put-together girls?! You know; the ones who always have it all under control?"

~The answer came so clearly that it startled. In a voice tinged with a smile and almost audible I heard,

"Now why would I want that?"

~Huh? Did I just hear that? What did You say Lord?
~And the gentle response;

"If you were a put-together girl then you wouldn't need me 
and what I want above all is a relationship with you."

~I wanted to pull the car over, let the words soak into my trembling frame. He loves me like this?
Scattered & forgetful? Imperfect & fumbling?
~My weaknesses only serve to draw me closer; to remind me of my desperate need for the One who is my only strength.

~Months later and I wake on a Monday feeling frantic, world spinning before my feet hit the ground. The anxiety is there again; like a snake coiled around my shoulders hissing lies into my ears.
And it's in the car again that I'm reminded of that truth-~-Relationship.

~He doesn't expect me to be perfect, only prayerful, letting my weaknesses draw me into His arms.

~And peace isn't a state of being where life is smooth and under control. 
Peace is a person, 
walking me through my worries and whispering reassurance 
to this Momma,
sometimes in the carpool lane.



Anonymous said...

Ah, we are soul sisters for sure! I love the imagery of a snake coiled around your shoulders. So often I hear the accusations and echos of inferiority hissing into my ear. For me Jesus is the eye of the storm, a peace in the midst of the storm. Not an escape, not a resolution, but method for dealing with the day, the crisis, the endless lists, the unsure future, the pillar of light guiding me in the desert while I wander in the wilderness without a map. Prayers to you and the family and for your continued success as an artist. <3

Rebekah said...

"Now why would I want that?"
Gonna try to keep this close at heart today. Thank you dearest Kasie...

Jo Castillo said...

You are so sweet and lovable. We wouldn't want you any other way! We do want you to know we care. I think we all feel scattered at times. You have the right answer!

Pauline said...

Earlier I was complaining how my week so far has been a real stinker. Now I'm so encouraged by coming here :o) Thank you for posting this.
God bless your day too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kassie,
Thank you for the reminder of how God sees us, not how satan would like us to see ourselves!
You blessed me today~

N@NY said...

i love how you describe every small detail you feel so much in a poetic way
you have a very insightful blog
a great philosophy

keep blogging please
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Reflections From Life Art Blog said...

Wow, what a beautiful post this is. Thank you for reminding me that I don't need to be perfect or put together just right, I just need a relationship with the Lord.

~ Nancy