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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Motherhood and Grace

~~Nine years have passed......
Nine years since they wrapped my baby girl tightly in a blanket and placed her in my arms......
Nine years......
and I still don't know how to be a Good Mother.
Oh I try!
Every day I pour my heart into these two life-filled girls; they are my gifts.
But no-one ever told me.

~~When the nurse handed me my green-eyed girl on that cold December afternoon,
she didn't tell me that there would be days when my heart would nearly burst with love.
And that there would also be days when  the weight of this heavy responsibility would press down hard.

I am responsible for leading and training two little lives!

 And how can I help them to stretch and grow when I am still growing myself?

~~My firstborn, Sierra, the one with the splash of freckles across her nose and the waist-length chestnut hair,
she is changing before my very eyes.
Reaching out and dipping her toes into this new stage they call "tween-age."
I watch her grow into her personality; her own likes and dislikes,
And I can't help but want to pull my little chickie in close under my Momma wings and keep her small.

No-one ever told me that when your children grow, you will be the one to feel the growing pains.

I am not a perfect Mother
and I stumble often.
But every morning I wake,
and I breathe in new grace,
and I pray for wisdom to lead these two daughters of mine.

Nine years......

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Kasie, my little girl turns 12(!) next week. She's already looking forward to 13 and Facebook and Babysitting, but like you, I want to savor every minute. At 130 and 5'3" she hardly seems like a little girl, and people assume that she's older; but her heart is still young and naive and filled with dreams and glitter, unicorns and happy endings. I don't want that to end....