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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Filling up the Cup

~~I know that we're supposed to actually do something creative for the AEDM, but for me today was about refilling my cup. Julia Cameron talks about Artist's Dates in her books but as a busy Momma I'm not very good at actually putting that idea into practice. It's hard to sneak away for a little time on your own when there's always a list of things waiting to be done.
~~Today I made the time to get away (with a little help and encouragement from my Husband.) I had no agenda, just a few hours on my own to explore.
~~One of my stops was the bookstore, where I always end up in the children's section. I sat on the floor and slowly flipped through page after page of inspiration.
Words. Colors. Pictures.
Just a little bit of time in the kid's section of Barnes and Noble and I'm itching to run home and paint.
~~An author/illustrator who I'm really loving right now is Peter H. Reynolds. He may write children's books but their stories touch children of all ages.
The North Star
The Dot
Deep wisdom in little books!
~~Sometimes it's good to fill up your cup!


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Anonymous said...

Kasie,do you have or have you looked at 2 books: Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market and Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market? They list lots of publishers and their submission guidelines. They also have on-line subscriptions. It's where I'm starting for now.

You are brave to go to the book store alone...If I remember to leave at all, I usually spend waaay too much!