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Monday, May 10, 2010


~~There are no flowers in my front flower beds this year. Shocking. I know. Planting colorful blooms seems to be a rite of Spring. But, for the first time, I’m at peace with it.

~~A few weeks ago I was struggling with thoughts of all the things I need to do to keep our lives in order. In the quiet I heard a whisper in my heart.

I felt it was the Holy Spirit, gently urging me towards this path that I tend to resist.

~~Simplify? Me?
I’m a chronic over-achiever.
I could start my own chapter of over-achievers anonymous! In school it was never enough to simply turn in the assignment. No. I had to go above and beyond. Meticulously hand drawn book report cover? I’m all over it!

~~As a wife and Mother I cling to my over-achieving ways still. But the quiet Spirit’s voice has been urging me to let go of this “disease to please.” Because that’s all it really is;
a disease.

~~There’s a silk flower garland hanging over our front door. The porch is neat and tidy. Windchimes peal in the breeze and my Great-Grandma’s rose bush is bursting with blooms. And for this year,
it is enough.

~~I know that the time I would spend weeding and watering (especially in the hot Oklahoma summer) is extra time that I don’t really have right now. So I will push away those thoughts of “what will people think?” I have family members who are serious, big-time gardeners. What are they going to say?
No. I will rest in the peace of simplifying.

~~I am seeking to learn to apply this art to the rest of my life as well. If I only have a few minutes, I’ll make a quick wipe-down of the sink and mirror; instead of waiting for the time to scrub the bathroom to a sparkle. Having sandwiches for dinner on occasion does not make me a bad Mother. (Morning Star Farms Chick’n patties are awesome, by the way!) And my Nana taught me that, with a few tricks, a boxed cake mix can taste even better than the real thing.


Let go of the “disease to please.”

It’s a very good thing. :)


Hattie said...

Hooray for you, Kasie!! Yes, Yes!
More is not always best. All of us would do well to simplify.

Your girls are beautiful! And growing so!

Mandy said...

Good stuff. I'm on this journey right along with you. PS I enjoy your writing.