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Monday, May 24, 2010

Excuses Be Gone!

~~It seems that, no matter what stage of life we’re in, there are always excuses to keep us from our dreams. At the time they don’t feel like excuses at all. They simply feel like the facts. I know I’ve been there and allowed myself to buy into those excuses many times.
~~Before I had children I was busy with work and college; too busy to make much art on my own. To this day I’m still puzzled by that. My life was hectic, no doubt, but I had so much more free time then. My excuses stole it away.
~~When our first daughter was born I was, of course, even busier. Then came the 2nd daughter and full-on Mommy-hood.
~~Now, once again our lives have changed and we’ve come into the busiest season yet. I’m trying to figure out how to balance being full-time Mom, Wife, Homemaker and Business owner/Secretary. (Oh yes, and Artist!) Much of my days have been spent at our shop. The girls are there with me after school. They love it because they spend the afternoon riding their bikes, playing sidewalk chalk, drawing pictures, or crafting. Then we come home and have the normal things like laundry, dishes, housework, etc. Throw in music and tennis lessons for the girls and our lives are fuller than ever.

~~At this point I’m wishing that I could reach back in time to my “pre-business” self and give her a good kick in the pants. How on Earth did I think that I was too busy then?!
~~The point is, I’ve come to realize that life is never going to simply make my dreams easy to come by. It’s not like I’ll wake up tomorrow and find a cook and housekeeper, begging to work for free so that I can pursue my art. (A girl can dream!)
~~Recently I watched the movie, “Julie and Julia.” I had seen it mentioned on Mandy Stewart’s blog and was reminded that it was one I wanted to see. I’m so glad I made the time.
~~Like Mandy mentioned, the thing I admired most about Julie was that she simply “jumped in.” Her life was very busy and she could have come up with any number of excuses. But she didn’t.
~~As a Mother I can even let my children become an excuse. Now, don’t get me wrong. Motherhood is my number one priority and I will never let my art come before my family. But Motherhood means that I no longer have long hours free to myself. My time comes in snips and pieces. At times I’ve even thought, “What’s the use?” But now I see that as just another excuse. Taking those small amounts of time for my art each day will move me ahead baby step by baby step. Wishing and waiting for long hours free will not.
~~As a Mother I have to come up with new ways to have my creative time. Maybe that’s waking up early or staying up late. Instead of waiting for uninterrupted time, I need to learn to paint alongside my girls; to involve them in my art. Kathy Fincher, an artist who I truly admire whose daughters are now grown recently encouraged me with an email. Some of what she said was “Painting with the children at home was a tremendous gift to them..........
Bless your family by sharing your passions with them.........
Yes, our children are better for it!”

~~It’s not easy making time for your passion. It’s always a day-by-day choice. And some important things (laundry) will have to take a 2nd seat. But I’m simply not willing to let life go by while I ignore or excuse away the call of my heart.
So that’s it! No more excuses!

ETA: I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago. Then, this past Sunday Oklahoma City was hit by a massive hail storm. One of the fleets that my husband manages was majorly damaged. We are beyond busy at this point. Busy is an understatement. Nevertheless, I’m sticking to my guns. No more excuses! I’ve been carting my paints to the shop in a rolling bag and sneaking in time to paint in between writing estimates, catching up paperwork and making calls. And the amazing thing I’m finding is that those stolen moments are truly helping me stay calm in a time of craziness. I believe that God gives us creativity as a way to not only bless others, but to stay connected to Him. I am a better Wife, Mother and Business owner when I take those little bits of creative time.


Claudia Bettencourt said...

Lovely pics of your girls!
I felt I had to write you a comment because I am now a new mom and my free time is consumed with laundry and all the other household chores that I have to do while the baby is sleeping. And now, that I have less time than ever, I felt this urge to go back to a writing course I never got to start and to go back to a novel I did start but was put on hold because life got in the way...and the thing is, I wasn't able to write another chapter in my novel but I did find the time to send in my first assignment. And that made me feel accomplished. Really. If I had done it in my pre-baby years, I would never have gotten such a satisfaction , because the time I "stole" to do that assignment was stolen from possible naps or movies or's amazing how a good kind of sacrifice can bring in so much happiness!

Hattie said...

Hi, Kasie,
The last statement in your post today is exactly what I was thinking as I read. You will definitely be a better mommy, wife, etc. by taking some time for your creativity, the call of your heart, your art. I think you have your ducks in a row!!
I enjoy your blog.

Julia G. said...

Thank-you so much for posting that. I'd just been making excuses about not having enough time, and how as soon as this was done or that was done, I'd be able to start writing again. You really helped me to get off my lazy behind and just do it. I've realised that I don't have time - I make time. This is one of the most relaxed periods of my life! If I don't have time to do it now, I never will. So thanks for helping me see that!

Valerie Jones said...

Kasie, I'm so glad you shared your busy life with us. Yes, those stolen few minutes of art time are what keeps us sane in the hurriedness of life. I just got awarded the summertime off from my steady income job to spend time at home with our children. The day was so relaxed. I didn't get studio time, but there was art marketing involved. Don't make excuses for not making art! Shame, shame on you. (((HUGS)))

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