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Monday, November 2, 2009

Time for tea

~~It's an unusually warm and gorgeous day here. Savannah had fun morning at school and is now having a tea party in the back yard with her stuffed animals, dressed in their finest. (Have you ever seen a dolphin in a dress?)
~~I truly appreciate the comments and emails about my food post. I didn't expect to get so much support or interest. Some of you have asked questions about recipe books, websites, etc. I have a lot of great ideas and resources that I can share; things I've picked up and learned throughout this year. So I'm going to try to take the time this week to put together some posts that are nutrition related.
~~Today I'm in paint mode. I've been absolutely itching to paint and it's driving me crazy! Last week was so busy with school parties/etc. So today I'm trying to take advantage of any spare moment I can get.
~~I had to laugh when I read Kal's post today about sharing sneak peeks of art in progress. I completely understand what she's saying. I've always had a hard time sharing my work in progress with anyone because I feel like my poor painting is "naked." But I will let you know that I'm extremely excited about this piece because it's something new for me. It's a way to challenge myself and push my limits technically. It's still very much my style and subject matter, just in a new and different way.
Curious yet?!
Maybe I'll share a peek after I'm farther along. :)

~Hope your Monday is a good one. Better get back to my easel.


Pure2Raw Twins said...

Can't wait to see what you paint up!

Jen said...

Yes, I HAVE seen a dolphin in a dress, and a horse, too, and the family cat! Briana has set up a school for her animals, and the American Girl gets to be the 'substitute' in her absence!

Life and inspiration coming together...;0)

Jo Castillo said...

The days have been great this week. Great photo and anxious to see the painting.

Misti said...

My brother and I used to have little tea parties on our front porch. I'm sure we ate just crackers and some iced tea, but it was fun!