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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We are Surviving.......

~~The terrible, horrible flu. Uggg. Slowly but surely our family is finding the way back to good health.
~~Last Tuesday Dustin came home from work because he was feeling achy and miserable. Soon he was on the couch with a fever, covered in blankets. I became a girl on a mission, both to get him better and to keep the rest of the family uninfected. By Wednesday evening I was feeling exhausted.
~~I kept trying to deny it and tell myself that I was just tired yet during the night I found myself shaking and adding more blankets to the bed. Thursday morning I checked and sure enough; fever. I got out of bed to get the girls ready for school only to find that Savannah also had a fever. Sierra seemed fine but had a cough so we decided to keep them both home from school and make a family doctor's appointment.
~~The four of us made it to the doctor's office. I did my best to calm my coughing while trying to check us all in. The poor receptionist handed me a mask through the small crack in her glass window and said, "You might want to wear this."
~~We got back to the doctor right away and she said that she could tell just by looking that we had the flu. We all were tested and the strange thing was that even Sierra tested positive. Her cough has gotten better and she still hasn't had any symptoms. The doctor said that the scary thing about this flu is that there are a lot of people like that; carrying it around without any idea that they have it.
~~There was no doubt that the rest of us were sick and the doctor said the only thing to do was rest, lots of fluids and ibuprofen. So back home we went to be miserable together.
~~Dustin seemed to gain his strength a bit by Friday but I had a fever that simply wouldn't break. It didn't drop below 100 until Sunday evening. Savannah also had her last fever on Sunday.
~~So, today is the first day of Fall break and the girls and I are still stuck inside, recovering. The cough is the last thing to go and it is exhausting. I cough until my head is throbbing and I feel as if I might pass out. Savannah and Dustin both have a lingering cough as well but I seem to have gotten the worst.
~~I'm looking forward to healthy days and a healthy family.
Oh, that will be so nice!


Misti said...

The coughing is the worst. My throat hurt so bad. The doc never said I had the flu, just bronchitis, but I had a cold or flu that made it into the bronchitis. Ugh. I hate the sneezing, too. Luckily no real shivers here and a mild fever.

Feel better soon!!

Valerie Jones said...

Lots and lots of prayers coming your way, dear one!

Kriscinda said...

Hope you guys feel better soon!!!
did you test positive for the H1N1?

Pure2Raw Twins said...

Sorry to hear you are all sick : ( Glad you made it to the doctors. I will look over somethings I have on coughing and get back to you. If you take honey, it is good with warm water to soothe the throat. Hang in there!

Jo Castillo said...

Ohhhh, I feel for all of you. Coughing is so hard on you. Hugs to all and feel better soon.

Angela said...

Hope you recooperate very quickly! I'm so sorry you all are sick! We'll be praying for you. Don't feel guilty for's assuring you will be back on your feet all the sooner. God bless! Love ya'll! ~Angela