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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wedding Weekend

~~We are here in Eureka Springs on a very wet, drizzly rainy weekend for Dustin's little Sister's wedding. She's getting married tomorrow and we're praying that the rain will move on out (although it's not looking too good.)
I got these pics of the girls this morning, just before the rain started.

~~Eureka Springs is such a neat little artsy town. Dustin & I came here once before and I loved wandering through the art galleries and shops. We tried to do a little sight-seeing this morning but ended up coming back to our cabin a little cold and soggy. The girls don't seem to mind. They're playing happily in the corner of the room, building houses out of pillows.
~~My poor blog has been so neglected lately and I'm starting to miss it. It's like I told a friend; I feel like life has just rolled me right off the blogging train.
~~So much has happened since I last blogged that there's no way I could possibly catch up.

**Dustin & I took a quick get-away weekend to Austin for our 10th wedding anniversary. We enjoyed our trip so much!
**Dustin has done a couple more races, placed very well, and is steadily working his way towards becoming a Cat. 3 racer. (Yay!)
**Both girls are enjoying school so much and love their teachers.
**Savannah and I were rear-ended on the way to school (right after I had dropped Sierra off.) Everyone was okay and the damage isn't too, too terrible but it still shook me up quite a bit.
**Gina (aka Fitnessista) had a "blog-meetup" at the brand new 105 Degrees Cafe and it was so nice to meet her. Dustin came along with me and we also met some other great ladies including Michelle.
I have been anxiously waiting for the opening of 105 Degrees. It's an all raw, vegan, living food restaurant. The food is unlike anything I've ever tasted. Absolutely incredible and soooo good! And what could be better than eating a delicious meal and knowing that it was actually good for you?!
**Best of all, I'm so very close to being finished with my painting. Whoo-hoo!

Well, the rain is still coming down outside the windows but I'm enjoying this time with my little family. I hope you all are having a great weekend as well.


Michelle-pure2raw said...

Your daughters are beautiful. i hope you can get them to eat raw : ) Nice meeting you two!

AKat said...

Have so much fun in Eureka Springs, Kasie! I am so glad to get a 'catch up' of all that y'all have been up too lately. If you ever do a blog meeting again, let me know! The pictures of the girls are PRECIOUS.

Heather said...

Great pics of the girls! How was the wedding? Good reading an update on y'alls life as well! Sorry about the accident. Glad y'all are okay. If you have time, could you send me some recipes? I know that you are a great cook! I need some recipes to try here. Sometimes ingredients are limited, but you can usually substitute something. What about your chili, granola, and chocolate chip cookie recipe? Hope you have a great day! Love you!

misti said...

Looks like a very fun weekend! Exciting to meet up with blog folks, too! I've been reading Fitnessista a bit lately and enjoy reading all of the healthy bits on the blogosphere.

I can't wait to see your new painting!