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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Great Escape

~The last couple of months (actually a bit longer) have bit hard on our little family. I don't like to complain because honestly the problem is that we've been over-blessed. Dustin is an autobody technician and paintless dent repair tech. Normally summer is the slow time of the year in the college town where he works. This year there was a large, extremely damaging hail storm at the beginning of the summer. It backed his shop up so much that they were scheduling several months out. His work days got longer and longer as they all tried to keep up with the deadlines. It got to the point of 10-14 hour days for him including weekends. It was also the reason that the girls and I went to Canada without him. He just couldn't get away. Life has been far from the ordinary. Poor Dustin has been physically exhausted and I've had to take on the role of temporary single Mom. And as you all can imagine, my two "Daddy's girls" have been missing their Daddy very much.
~Finally, when it looked like he might be able to take a break, Dustin scheduled time off on the calendar and we made a get-away trip to Branson, Missouri. It was so much fun and just what our family needed. I loved being able to simply spend time together. It was hard to come home. Today was our first day back.
~So I apologize for not keeping up with my blog this summer. Somehow among the rest of life, writing a post just seemed to come in at the bottom of the list.
~The end of summer is quickly closing in on us. School will soon be starting and Savannah will be in Pre-K. It's only half a day but this Momma is having a hard time with the fact that my baby will be in school. They're both so excited and I am looking forward to the normalcy and routine that school time brings.
~So, mainly for the Grandparent's enjoyment, here are some photos from our little get-away.


Misti said...

No worries, but I have missed reading your blog! It sounds like a very fun summer, though! :)

Sikantis said...

Everybody needs somewhen a time of being away from daily life.

AKat said...

You family is beautiful, Kasie!

Jo Castillo said...

Boy! Those girls are growing right before our eyes. So nice you had fun before the school year starts.

Angela said...

Kasie, I'm so glad you all were able to get away for a little while! We enjoyed getting to see you even if just for a few minutes. We love you guys! ~Angela S.

Valaine said...

Hey Kasie,

I would like to tell you that I changed my address to
Beneath The Clouds

I decided to take a new direction:)

Talk to you later,