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Friday, January 16, 2009

Dreaming of the Beach

~~It is so cold today! Brrrrr! Like 12 degrees, chill your bones cold. If it's going to be this cold than I wish it would just snow. When we took Sierra to school this morning Savannah so calmly stated, "Mommy, today is not a great day to play outside!"
This kind of cold also makes me wish that I were at the beach with the warm sun on my face, squishing my toes into the soft,white sand.
Ahhhhhh. Sigh.
~~But....since I'm not at the beach and since it is so cold, I think today is a great day to stay warm and cozy inside and get some artwork done. I've got a hot cup of coffee and a happy little girl drawing pictures beside me. You know, I think this is even better than being at the beach!


Valerie Jones said...

ha ha My son told me yesterday he wished it would be 90 degrees today! He said he was tired of this cold.

Best of luck to your day full of artwork!

60 toes said...

It is FREEZING here too, I can't warm up.

I miss you. I am dreaming of the beach too.

Anonymous said...

It was pretty chilly here today. Mostly the wind doing the evil deeds! I am ready for warmth but not humidity.