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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


~~"Bubblelicious" kit by Zoe Pearn found here.

~~I've been reading "Talent is Never Enough" by John C Maxwell. It's such a good book; very thought-provoking and full of inspirational quotes and stories. I'm a bit of a quote collector myself so it's right up my alley. This quote in particular (pictured above) has been sticking in my mind. We all face the temptation to be hard on ourselves; To tell ourselves the lie that we're just not good enough at whatever it is we dream of doing. But the truth is that we don't have to be perfect now, we just have to keep going. Isn't that encouraging?! Maybe it's the Momma in me but I can't help but picture "The Little Engine that Could", lol.
~~Well, I've got to run. Today is the first day of Savannah's music lessons. She is so excited. Savannah has always been our little songbird. She used to wake us up by making little sing-songs in her crib. Even today she is known to break out into song all throughout the day. So when I found out about the brand new preschool music classes that are just a few minutes from home I knew it was something we had to check out. I'm anxious to see what she thinks about it.
~~I'm very close to being finished with another illustration; a Valentine themed one this time. I've been having so much fun with it and hope to be able to share soon.
~~Happy Wednesday!


Kriscinda ~ said...

great quote!
hope she liked her first music class :)

Jo Castillo said...

That is a great quote and you have a neat little songbird. I bet she loves the singing class.

Elise said...

Hi Kasie

I collect quotes too. I love fining inspirational quotes. I was recently introduced to a business called Wall Words( and we have decided to put a few of our favourite quotes permanently on display using this company.

I can hardly wait to see your Valentine themed illustration. How exciting.

How did Savannah go with her new music class. Our classes are just starting up for the year and I am taking Blake to his first class next week and I have also re-enrolled Savanna into a couple of activities.

Happy 7th birthday to your beautiful Sierra. What a great place to celebrate her birthday. Ice skating is so much fun.

I will definately be staying tuned to hear what you are thinking of doing when it comes to selling your illustrations. I've got my fingers, toes and everything else crossed in the hope that you are going to tell us all that you are opening your very own Etsy shop. I can always dream and hope, can't I?!?

Lots of love and hugs

Valerie Jones said...

Thanks for posting this quote. It comes at a time in my life where I am tempted to quit. I'm going to print it out and post if where I can see it often.