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Friday, December 19, 2008

Sneakity Peek

~~Whew! Where did this week go?! It flew right past me and I'm sure next week will go just as fast. For all my good intentions of getting some of our vacation photos ready to share, I just haven't had a chance to do it. Ah well, I know I'll get to that eventually.
~~Between all the busy-ness of this week I've been taking little bits of time to work on an illustration piece. This is just a small sneak-peek of it. I find that having a little bit of creative time helps me to unwind and de-stress. But then I end up staying up too late at night, lol. Oh well.
~~I'm slowly chipping away at my to-do list. I finally ordered my Christmas cards today so by the time they're in the mail they'll probably be "Happy New Year's" cards. :0
There's only a few more gifts left to buy and next week the girls and I will be baking and candy making in full force. I cannot believe that it's almost 2009!
~~I wanted to say that if you sent an email to me in the past few weeks and haven't heard back then there's a good chance that it got buried under everything that came in while we were away. If so would you resend it, pretty please? Also, if you've sent me an email in the last couple of days, I'm working on those so please don't think I'm ignoring you.
~~I had a question comment from Carol and couldn't find a way to contact you. So I'll answer it right here:
Carol said:
"I am a long time reader and first time poster to your blog. I love your acrylic work and I work in acrylic, but have been painting with student grade with no kind of medium except for water. My husband is getting me artist grade acrylics for Christmas. I am at a total loss. If you don't mind me asking what is a good color palette/and brand to start with. I was thinking Golden fluid, but I'm not sure. Your help sure would be appreciated."
~~First, thanks so much for your sweet comment Carol!
I use mostly Golden Fluid acrylics and I work on Fredrix watercolor canvas. I do use some other, thicker acrylics and other brands but I just water them down a bit more as I'm working with them. I only use water as my medium also.
I've never written down my full palette but some of the colors that I use the most are:
*GF (Golden Fluid) Titanium white
*GF Titanium Buff
*GF Burnt Sienna
*GF Raw Umber
*GF Dioxazine Purple
*GF Ultramarine Blue
*GF Yellow Ochre
*GF Burnt Umber light
*GF Burnt Sienna
*GF Violet oxide
*Van Gogh brand Naples Yellow
*Academy brand Hookers Green
*Academy brand Alizaron Crimson
*Academy brand Cadmium Red
~Occasionally I use the following:
*GF Quinacridone Red
*GF Quinacridone Red Light
*GF Sap Green Hue
~~I'll have to double-check that to see if I left any major ones out but I think those are the main ones. I love the Golden Fluid acrylics because they're so smooth and a small bottle surprisingly lasts a long time. I usually just buy them in 1 oz at a time.
~~I hope that helps!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I am leaning toward Golden myself. I thought I was using professional grade and was saddened to find that I was using student. The price should have been the give away. I usually mix colors as little as possible. But if I want a good brand then I will have to learn. Your pallette seems to cover it and the fact that I get to keep using the water is a plus! Again, Thank you! I am glad you and yours had fun in Mexico (LUCKY) :)

Anonymous said...

I emailed you last night! lol.
Relatively new reader, but I'm already a huge fan. I re-sent it simply because I didn't think I did it right. Haha, I explained it in my email, but we all understand how terribly busy you must be! All in good time, and have a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I like your new illustration! It really has that vintage look that I like so much, and that sweet expression that is your trademark. Keep up the good work. It's so hard to find 'me' time at during this season, but that's the time that calms us down and settles our spirits!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kasie!

I do love your work and have been checking in on you for ages.

I am wondering about your process before you begin with paint, how you arrive at such a perfect likeness, if you work from life, a photo, if you draw freehand, and then transfer or work directly on your canvas, or if you blow up using the grid system or use a projector. I would LOVE to see a post about this aprt of your process. Your work is AMAZING!!!

Jo Castillo said...

This new piece is lovely. Thanks for sharing the information and spending some of your precious time with us. :) Have a great Christmas and enjoy the season.

Alison said...

Where do you find 1oz bottles of paint? I've been looking for them.

Thanks, love your new illustration.