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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Popping in to say "Hi!"

~~I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas spending happy times with friends and family. We've had a wonderful whirlwind of a time. It's nice because both of our families live in the same town so we get to spend time with all the relatives. That also means we never really stay in one spot for long and do a lot of "back-and-forth."
~~Sierra's 7th birthday was 2 days after Christmas. She had a fun party at the ice skating rink and everyone (including the grown-ups) enjoyed themselves. I'm anxious to start sorting through my pictures.
~~I don't have very long but wanted to pop in and say "Hello!" I haven't forgotten you all. It's just going to take a bit to get back into a normal routine.
~~The picture is from our formal night on the ship. It was so much fun to dress up as a family.
**I finally received our Christmas cards. (The ones that I ordered before Christmas.) Hmmm. Not sure what happened there but I'm still going to put them in the mail. They can be "Happy (late) New Years cards now, lol.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you are alive! :) I knew life was going to be busy for you with the cruise and then Christmas. Hope to see more of you in 2009!

Anonymous said...

Tell Sierra Happy late Birthday from Breanna and Aubrey! Aren't birthdays right after Christmas fun! :-) Aubrey's 5th was yesterday. It extends the Christmas fun (& rush) a few extra days. :-)
The picture is beautiful! What a fun time!

Jo Castillo said...

Beautiful family. Happy Birthday to Sierra! Happy New Year, too.

Valerie Jones said...

Beautiful picture of you family! Happy Birthday to Sierra! She's growing up so fast.

Anonymous said...

Wow- what a beautiful family! Glad you had a great Christmas break- Happy New Year! Stephanie Sorrell

Elise said...

Hi Kasie

Wow, that is a beautiful photo of you and your gorgeous family.

Happy belated birthday to dear Sierra.

Happy New year to you my friend. Down here in Australia we have welcomed in the new year, a quiet night for Troy and I, but we still had our own little celebration involving a little too much of some of our favourite foods.

I look forward to following you on all of your adventures in 2009.

Kriscinda ~ said...

You look so pretty Kasie, this is a nice picture of your family!
Happy New years to you :)love ya

CBM said...

Thanx Kasie. This is such a beautiful picture of your family.