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Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Morning Random

~~In the early morning hours as I lay, happily curled like a ball under our comfy flannel sheets, I heard a small voice call out "Mommy, Mommy." For a few brief seconds my tired brain tried to convince myself that it was just part of a dream but my instinct knew better. It was my 3 year old who, for some reason or another, has been waking up in the wee hours day after day. I wonder,
if adults are supposed to need 7-8 hours of sleep to function at our best,
then why do we birth offspring with internal clocks set for "early?"
~~There are two schooldays left until Thanksgiving break and Sierra has been faithfully practicing her line for the class play. She's playing an Indian girl, a part which she won by coin toss. Apparently all the kids think the Indians were more fun than the Pilgrims; or at least their costumes are more fun to make. You've got to hand it to the girl; she does have the braids for the job. I know because it's been the hairstyle of choice for the last week or so. She insists on being in character for practice, lol.
~~This morning as we were leaving the school, I saw a woman go jogging by and thought, "That's dedication!" On days this cold it's hard to get moving in the morning, let alone running. I've been working on faithfully exercising although it's most often an exercise video or jump-roping inside my nice warm house. I need to run though. As I was dressing Savannah this morning she rubbed her hands up and down my legs and said "They're so soft Mommy!" My first thought was, "Well thanks!!! You don't have to rub it in!!" and then I realized she was talking about my satin pajama pants and not my extra leg padding.
~~Monday is the day that I try to do a thorough house cleaning and, judging by the crumbs on the living room floor, it's definitely needed today. I haven't yet started a new painting, thinking that I would use the small break time to catch up on some things. So why is it that all I can think about is painting?
~Yesterday we made some peppermint bark which Sierra quickly declared to be the "best candy in the whole wide world." Maybe later I'll put together a post sharing the recipe. For now I'm off to find some coffee to clear the fog from my head.
Happy Monday morning. :)


Anonymous said...

Ahh, the Thanksgiving big line as the indian squaw was "Mmm, succotash", and that took acting skill cause lima beans and I do NOT get along! ;0)

Looking forward to the pictures!

Exercise before the holidays is really challenging. Knowing that the cookies, pies and yummy delights are imminent just doesn't motivate when there are plays, choir, presents, decorating and get togethers to use up all the available 'free' time. And these crazy cold temperatures just make me want to snuggle and sip tea, too!

Anonymous said...

OH I love this little thanksgiving cartoon! :) Sweet!

Lisa B. said...

I have exercise tapes. They're wonderful. If you haven't tried Pilates, it's the "magic bullet" we women have been looking for. One month of doing beginning pilates, and my husband noticed a difference. Six hours a week at the gym didn't even do that for me!

Thanks for the granola recipe. I love it on top of vanilla ice cream. :D