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Friday, November 14, 2008

This Moment

Enjoy Life Kit by Mindy Terasawa found here.

~~I love this quote. Liz shared it on Sarah Jane's blog. I've definitely been working on being present in the moment, enjoying all the little blessings of my life.
~~Speaking of little blessings, this morning I was holding Savannah in my lap and kissing her soft chubby cheek. She looked up at me, turned her face and said, "Mommy, put some on this side." It's those moments that fill me up.
~~I've got lots to share but not a lot of time this morning. Savannah and I are busy crafting. Last night was "Daddy Date Night." It's a special evening that our Church puts on every year. I had two little girls bubbling over with happiness last night when they got home so I'll have to share about that later.
~~Right now I'm off to help with a toilet paper roll kitty cat, lol.
Happy Friday!


Elise said...

Hi kasie

I also love that quote. It's perfect and a gentle reminder to live and appreciate every moment. It can be my mantra when I lose perspective.

What a beautiful thing for Savannah to say, so sweet and i can see how this would make your heart swell.

Lots of love

Kriscinda ~ said...

love that quote!
So sweet of Savannah,if only we could keep them at this age for awhile :)