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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thought of the day....

~~If someone could figure out the secret to a 3 year old's energy and then bottle it up,
I think they'd be multi-millionaires.

~~Busy, busy this week. Whew!
*Library day with a visit by a fireman and "Sparky the fire-dog."
*Red ribbon week (which means a different dress-up theme every day.)
*Baking cookies for the school bake sale.
*Volunteering at the Fall carnival tonight.
*Sierra's class trip to visit the nursing home.
*Zoo field trip tomorrow.
*Trick-or treating Friday.

~~I really could use some of that energy!


Elise said...

Hi Kasie

I've missed popping in on you. Sav and Blake have been unwell all week, but today they seem to be turning a corner and getting a little better. They are both sleeping now, so I wanted to pop in to see how you are going.

Wow, you certainly are in the midst of a very full on week. Red ribbon week soundslike fun, but I can imagine there must be lots of planning and prepartion involved with this.

I am also starting to organise myself for Christmas. I am planning some projects for Savanna so that she can make gifts for family members. I have started to organise a timeline for us and it is amazing how little time is left when I map it out. Anyway, the important thing is that we get into the Christmas spirit AND enjoy every precious minute of it. That's the main thing I want to achieve.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend my friend.

Lots of love and hugs

Valerie Jones said...

I'm sure by now you are exhausted but probably feel it was all worth it to see the excitement in the kids!

Lisa B. said...

I tire less easily when I exercise regularly. When I don't, the sugar from a couple of candy bars has me pinging off the walls and getting my housework done in record time. Of course, I always need a nap after the sugar wears off!