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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quiet Sunday Morning

~~It's a quiet Sunday morning. Dustin and Savannah have left for church and I'm here with a sick little munchkin. My poor Sierra woke up in the night with a stomach virus. It's been going around at school so I wasn't too surprised. It seems to go quickly though so hopefully with some rest she'll feel better soon. This Girlie loves school and would hate to miss!
~~I wanted to thank everyone for your kind comments and helpful links. I truly appreciate it! The digital images that I have now are probably as close as I can get on my own but I know that when I begin to make prints of my pieces I will need to work with a professional. On Friday I talked with a giclee printer and learned a lot about the printing process. There's still so much to learn and research but I feel like I'm taking little baby steps forward.
~~Well, my patient is resting and watching the Disney cartoon Robin Hood so I think I'm going to take advantage of this quiet and get back to my drawing board.
Happy Sunday everyone!

**ETA: Our cat loves the girls. He really does. He's normally quite lazy but if he hears one of them cry he'll come running and then rub up against them while purring. He's a big boy. We adopted him from a shelter and have since learned that he's at least part Maine Coon cat. They can grow to be 16-18 pounds! We'd always wondered why he was so big because we don't over feed him. Anyways, I came into the living room to check on Sierra and Brenden had crawled up on the couch with her. This is how I found them:
Silly cat!


Jo Castillo said...

Sierra is definitely a cutie! Sorry she is under the weather.

Take care...

Alex Louisa said...

I hope she feels better now!!

And oh! Robin Hood! That brings back memories. I LOVED that movie as a kid. It was my absolute favourite. Especially the opening credits where they're all going along the white screen. And the tiniest bunny!

That's it, I'm going to have to find a copy of it somewhere... I don't think my old tape plays anymore!! Thanks for the reminder!!