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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Inspiration~ Daniel F. Gerhartz

Image Copyright Daniel F. Gerhartz.

~~A few days ago my friend Rose asked a question on her blog. She wanted readers to share the artists who inspire them and to consider how it might lead them in their own work.
~~I've thought a lot about this question. In many ways I'm inspired by artists who have a similar style to my own. They are the ones whose work encourages me to push on in my technical training and practice. In their work I see the possibilities.
~~But in other ways, I often find myself drawn to work that is different from my own. I tend to do very detailed and more tightly rendered work and yet I love to look at impressionistic pieces. I love the fact that art is such an individual and personal thing and we all have our own unique ways of creating.
~~One such artist whose work I greatly admire is Daniel Gerhartz. His work is so amazingly soft and full of light. I love the fact that he can take ordinary daily scenes and make them feel timeless and important. In his biography it says that emotions are a vital part of his design and you can feel that in every piece. Daniel also states, "My desire as an artist is that the images I paint would point to the Creator, and not to me, the conveyor.
J.S. Bach said it well as he signed his work, 'Soli Deo Gloria,' To God alone be the glory."
I love that. As an artist I am only the conveyor, the messenger.

~~Still working on my piece today. I'm getting ever so close. :)

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Rose Welty said...

Kasie, he does lovely work. It's interesting that very different kinds of work can appeal to the same person. And often a total different style to our own can appeal to us.