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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Finicky Last Of Painting Syndrome

Ha Ha. I made that up. But sometimes I feel like there really is such a thing. I'm so, so close to being finished with this painting, and yet it feels like the end takes the longest. I know that was true when I ran my Half-Marathon. That last mile was endless!!
~~Maybe some of you know what I'm talking about. Here are some signs of F.L.O.P.S.
**When I get to the end of a painting I have two competing desires. One is to finish it as quickly as I can and the other is a strong desire not to touch it at all. In the first case I have to slow myself down or else I'll do something dumb. I can get in such a rush to be finished that I make bad decisions. You really don't want to ruin a painting at the very end.
Which explains the second desire; I really like the piece so far and that makes me nervous to finish. I can find myself procrastinating and wasting time when I need to just dig-in and get it done.
**Another sign of F.L.O.P.S is burn-out. My eyes literally stop seeing the details. Dustin and I were trying to estimate the hours put into each piece and we couldn't come up with an accurate amount. All I know is that there are many, many hours. The hair alone took about 12. The best thing to help with burn-out is to either talk to someone with fresh eyes or take a small break. Walk completely away from your piece for a little while. When you come back into the room you'll see it in a new light.
My husband prefers the taking a break idea because I tend to drive him crazy asking for his opinion, lol.
~~Maybe F.L.O.P.S. is real and maybe it's not. I do know that I'm struggling with all of these symptoms so I know I'm close to the end.
Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have a finished painting to share.

~~Now, back to work!


Anonymous said...

Oh I think it's real! Especially when you've really wanted to get a piece finished by a certain day, and it's getting really late that night, and you don't have much to go, but you really need to sleep!

But I agree with you on the 'fresh eyes' idea. I prop my work somewhere where it will be the first thing I see when I walk in the room, and walk out and have a break - even leave it overnight.

Then, when I do walk back in the room, whatever last finishing touches that need to be done just smack me in the face! - when I've stared at it for ages before and have not been able to see it.

Valerie Jones said...

I'm the same way! I hurry to get it done and most of the time make a mistake.

Jo Castillo said...

Ain't it the truth? Especially for me with oils or acrylics, I don't want to put out any more paint if I am near the end and try to stretch what I have to finish. Pastels, not as bad, but I start putting on highlights before I should. :( Thanks for reminding me to step back and have a look and break.

Chrissy Foreman C said...

I know what you mean about the nervousness and being unsure about exactly what something needs.
Sometime I find mounting it on the wall somewhere for a couple of days helps and working on something else in the meantime. Usuallu I've got about 5 projects going at once!
Previously I've mounted something I thought needed final touches, and now months on it's still on my wall and I adore it as is!

Elise said...

Hi Kasie

What good strategies you have come up with to help you put the prefect finishing touches on your work.

Love and hugs

Anonymous said...

My FLOPS comes when I have to put the permanent ink to the paper. I love the pencil drawing, and I can always change it, but that ink is permanent -- I stalled so bad yesterday, taking so many breaks that I had to scold myself. Just Do It! And all the time thinking up other new projects I'd rather start than finish the one I'm working on!

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way when I get down to the end with the hurry up/don't touch it part. :) Glad to know I'm not the only one!!