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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hard at work

~~Well, if my blog goes quiet you can know that I'm busy painting. For some reason I can't seem to do both things at the same time. I think I'm using up all my brain power on the canvas, lol.
I'm working on another angel for my series and my model this time is a precious little girl with a mass of beautiful wavy curls. Fun? Yes. Challenging? UH-HUH! It's really coming along nicely though and I'm enjoying every minute of working. I had started on the hair when Dustin came home and he was such a sweetie. After dinner he took the girls out to have some icecream so that I could have a little bit of alone time. He knows that the hair takes a major amount of uninterrupted thought. I've stayed up way too late tonight but I've gotten most of it done. (The hair that is.) Yay!
~~And just because every post needs a pic, here is one of my favorites from last summer. My babies are getting too big!


60 toes said...

oooooh! We are so excited to see it. You are amazing! God has gifted you with tremendous talent.

Anonymous said...

I know just what you mean about blogging, painting and time. I sit at the computer to read a few emails, answer some and blog a bit, and when I look up, the kids are getting off the bus, and work time is over! Then I'm afraid that I'm really secretly procrastinating. I like all my illustrations...I should be way past any fear of messing them up. It's only paint, pencils and paper after all! ;0)

Jo Castillo said...

You have beautiful daughters. Looking forward to the painting. :)

mornin'lady said...

We always look forward to your new works Kasie!!
I'm trying to get my last watercolor in a frame for Shaun, it's a surprise I've been dawdling on and you always inspire me to get with the program. Gorgeous photo, I like to get those back shots.To me there is something so innocent in that pose

Anonymous said...

Hi: We are leaving Sunday for home,Yea! Should mbe in Monday night or Tuesday,depending on when we get away. Grandpa has to report Wednesday, a job in Kansas.
Can't wait to see your new piece.
Love You.

Elise said...

Oooh another exquisite piece to look forward to seeing. What a gorgeous series this will be.

You must be so very proud of Dustin's achievements in the triatholon. Congratulations to him as he did an awesome job. What a beautiful moment to see Dustin and Sierra cross the finish line together. No wonder you were emotional. Dustin is very blessed to have his three girls there watching and cherering him on.

Lots of love and hugs