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Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Sweet Sierra

~~My big girl. Soon to be 1st-grader.
When did she get this big?!
I'm so proud of the little lady she's becoming.
She's so creative and smart. Her mind is always working. She has a vivid imagination and loves to play pretend with her little sister.
She loves to create things with her hands and is always making cards or drawings or some sort of craft. She's a bit of a treasure-collector and I often find the strangest things in her room like rocks, leaves, or some little trinket she's found on the playground. I love that she sees the world with wide, open eyes and actually expects to find a treasure everywhere we go.
She passionately loves animals and says she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. A Veterinarian/Artist that is, lol. She's never been a baby doll type girl. It's always been all about animals. Bindi the Jungle Girl is her new favorite person. She really, really wants to meet her.
~~We shopped for school supplies on Thursday and it was so much fun. I loved to see her bubble over with excitement over new notebooks, markers, and pencils. When I look at her I can sometimes see myself as a little girl. She makes me remember the excitement I used to feel when going back to school.
It's hard sometimes to watch her grow; to see her stretching her little wings.
I love my "big" little girl!


Anonymous said...

Now, my youngest is 9. She's my big 'little' girl. We also were school shopping, and I really had to watch it since my son and I share a similar love for all things school/art supply.

Although getting older allows you to interact more with your kids as equals, I do miss the days when I could still pick out their clothes and see the excitement of learning something new in their eyes. But they laid out a wooden train set and made lego houses populated with Barbies in our newly reclaimed 'kid room', and at 9 and 14 (15 in a month!), I do feel grateful that my kids aren't too mature yet, and still act like kids. Then again, can you hand car keys over to a boy who still enjoys catching Pokemon?! ;0)

Valaine said...

They grow up so fast! She is precious :) Your girls are blessed to have each other and you, their beautiful, caring, and loving mother!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday message Kasie :)
You have two gorgeous girls. I love what you have written. I still don't have any kids yet but there's plans (Shhh!!)
I don't live too far away from Miss Bindi's zoo. Hey, even I wouldn't mind her 'job' - being around all those animals. I'd skip the dancing and khakis part though...
Hope you are having a great weekend :)

Elise said...

Hi Kasie

It sounds as though your gorgeous Sierra has inherited your creative gene.

How exciting for you all as she is soon to be a first grader. I also remember starting a school year with all new stationery and being so excited about returning to school. I wish Sierra all the best as she enters into first grade. I hope her year is a happy one filled with fun, friends and a love of learning and creating.

Lots of love and hugs

Anonymous said...

It sounds like she is going to take after her talented Mommy:)