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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My life in words

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~~I have to give a thanks to Lexy for giving the link to this really neat website called Wordle. Lexy is a truly amazing Australian artist and you should check out her beautiful work on her blog "Lexy Art."
~~Wordle scans your blog and creates word art from it. I really like how this one came out. I know that it's all random but the words turned out to be ones that are meaningful to me like journey, loves, music, color, create, discovery, and painting really large in the middle. I can't figure out why Savannah's name is the only one mentioned since I talk about both girls, but then again the words are chosen randomly.
~~Today is the last day before school. I honestly don't know where the summer went. I read a quote that in childhood the days are long but the years are short. So true.
~~Hopefully we'll get the girls to bed early tonight (or at least on time!) I think Dustin and I are the ones who need a bedtime. We've been staying up way too late watching the Olympics. We watched the men's triathlon live online last night and the women's the night before that. Pretty cool.
~~And in case anyone's wondering; I am painting. It's just been so slow going that I haven't posted any progress pictures. I was informed the other day that my blog posts were no longer relevant, which I thought was quite strange since it's a blog about my life.
Oh well.
Thanks to those of you who choose to stick with me. :)


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people just can't hit unsubscribe without talking about the negativity regarding a blog. Gr! I sometimes can't believe the crap Kal gets on her blog. Wow! I am surprised you got it, because well, your blog rocks. ;)

I personally prefer art blogs that intersperse life with the art instead of post after post of an art work and a bit about it and then a link to where to buy it.

Valerie Jones said...

I love your blog and find it very inspiring! It shows how real you are...very rare these days.

Alex Louisa said...

Glad you had fun with the Wordle site! I spent a ridiculous amount of time clicking about. I just love bunches of text like that. A pure time waster. But it almost ends up like your own bulletin board or something :)

Not sure about the 'no longer relevant' comment! These things never cease to amaze me, and well - 'get a life!' comes to mind! I think some people just forget sometimes that everything you do in life is not actually to PLEASE THEM. What do you know?! And they need to get off their uppity high-horses. It's funny that they feel the need to actually let you know these things. Don't let it get to you. Just keep doin' what you're doin' because it's great!

I know it's not exactly the same kind of thing, but a woman came up to me just before my show, and said: "I would have bought one of your artworks, but you haven't drawn a horse."

She put it so matter-of-factly, as if I should have checked with her first, to make sure I was fitting into HER mould. Grrr. I'd never met her before. The gallery director and I just burst out laughing though, which at least turned the joke around onto her!

Keep smiling :)

Valaine said...

Kasie I have a cute award for you, come by my blog later and pick it up if you'd like :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, Kasie! I absolutely LOVE your paintings, but honestly, I love feeling connected with your family even more. My girls just love to see what Sierra and Savannah are doing. That is the main reason we look forward to your blog every day!
Any good mother understands that sometimes life gets in the way of our interests -like art- but your posts about the fun things your family does together inspires me to take time to enjoy the everyday happenings of life and see it through the eyes of a child. Everything is big and exciting if you look at it in the right light!
At the same time, you have challenged me to find a special interest and develope it for my own sanity. :-) Still searching.:-)
Thanks for the insiration. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

No longer relavant to what? As Mom-Artists, I think we know that our greatest masterpiece is the work in progress of our children and our lives! The color, the nuance, the evolving techniques, our learning, their learning -- LIFE itself, THAT is forever relevant!

Jo Castillo said...

Kasie, you are certainly relevant to us. I submitted my blog to an art site and they said I didn't post enough about art. Ah well.

I love reading about you and your family adventures.

Cool photos from Canada,