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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Marcel Marlier~~Inspiration

1. s_anniversaire, 2. s_maman, 3. From Debbie's Dream, 4. Marcel Marlier - Gardening, 5. Marcel Marlier, 6. s_anniversaire2

~~I've mentioned before how much I love vintage children's illustrations. Today I've been ooohing and aaaaahing over the lovely work of the Belgian artist Marcel Marlier.
Such innocence and sweetness captured.


Valerie Jones said...

I looked at these and thought YOU painted them! I can see why you were oohing and aahing over them!

Elise said...

Hi Kasie

Her work is "Beauty Full".

What a wonderful source of inspiration.

Lots of love

Marie said...

How precious! I agree...The pictues look like the work you do. You are both inspirational!

Nanette said...

Ever since I read "Martine au zoo" in 1993, I have admired these illustrations, but I didn't learn the name of the artist. I, too, love vintage illustrations of children. And Marlier is awesome! I'm happy to have rediscovered his work. There is a modern version of the Martine series with different illustrations. Why would anyone substitute these charming pictures! I'm buying a version of the original "Martine au zoo" today. Thanks for posting.

I enjoyed visiting your blog.


echylicious said...

i love marcel marlier's illustrations so much! thank you for sharing in your blog. it's very hard to find the martine (we call it Tini) books here in indonesia.


Marko said...

hi to day Marcel marlier is dead !