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Thursday, July 10, 2008

He Never lets go

~~I've been wanting to write for the last few days but I've been fighting off an awful head cold all week. It just seems to get worse and it's so hard to think when you feel like your head is being squished.
~~Which is frustrating for me because I have so much that I need to get done in the next few weeks. I have to laugh though, because I think it's all part of the lesson that God' been working on me.
~~You see, I have a confession:
I'm a control freak.
Not with anybody else or their lives.
Just with me.
I can be quite the mean boss to myself.
~~And even though God has promised to carry all my burdens if I'll just take them to Him, I tend to forget. Oh I take them to Him, but then I pick them right back up and go on my merry little way.
~~These last few weeks I realized that some things I've been carrying for a while were starting to effect me physically. I've struggled with my Nana's passing more than I ever knew I would.
So I've been praying for God to help me learn to let go of my burdens; to trust them to Him.
~~Monday as I was praying about this, the thought "Cease striving" came to mind. I looked it up and it comes from Psalms 46:10. "Be still, and know that I am God." One of the translations of "Be still" is "Cease striving." I looked into it and found out that the expression "cease striving" means in the Hebrew to "let your hands drop" or to "let go" or "relax."
One commentary (which is a very good read) said
"God will not put His hands on a difficulty until we take our hands off."
Wow! I never thought of it that way. Here I am, thinking that somehow I'm helping God out by carrying my little burdens and fretting over them when in reality I'm keeping Him from being able to do His part.
~~My normal tendency is to be a perfectionist, and worry, and fret, and try to carry everyone else's burdens myself. But I'm learning to let go.
Because He has promised to never let go of me.
Thank you for letting me share today.


Anonymous said...

Are you me??? I've been putting some presure on myself lately that is ridiculous. I think I need to do what you did.

Valerie Jones said...

Great post! I have the same personality you have. It is not easy to let go. So not easy. I never thought about that I need to let go first so God can put His healing hand on it. I try to keep my hands in it and think He's there helping me along. It's either all Him or nothing, right? Without Him, we are nothing. (((HUGS))) Thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

Thank you for being out there and honest with your faith, your art and your struggles. It is when we are real and transparent with one another, that we can truly lift one another up in prayer! I too have a hugely difficult time letting go of my "helping" (worrying, fretting, stressing) to the point, that I have suffered ulcers, migraines and have felt like a very ungrateful, sinful Christian. God has taught me to forgive myself and little by little, learn what it means for ME to release things to him. Not how others pray and let go, but how my heart, body and soul needs to be fully engaged in spirit, in prayer and in life. Thank you so much for your honesty!

Kendra@Creative Ambitions said...

Hi Kasie!

Just stopping by for the 1st time...Love your artwork...very sweet. It's so wonderful to read about how God is working in your life and the fact that you share it with others so that we may see it in our own lives. "I surrender all"...easy to sing but hard to do sometimes. Thanks for sharing.

Valaine said...

I have an award for you, please stop by later to get it!

Valaine :)

Anonymous said...

A universal Motherly trait if ever there was one. This week I heard a hymn on the radio that has stuck in my head in a supernatural kind of way (a nudge perhaps): How I trust thee precious Jesus, oh for grace to trust thee more....A little more grace and a little more ceasing to stive....

Lucy said...

Hi Kasie.
I found this quote in a book that Elise (my daughetr) gave me. It is from a cancer surviver and it sprung to mind whyn I read your entry today.
"Put your past and troubles in a filing cabinet. Take it out every so often and have a look at it, but leave it in the filing cabinet. It’s too heavy to lug around day by day."
I know, not very religous but true.
Love love love your art work.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

So sorry you haven't been feeling well! I tend to worry over things way too much also :) Thanks for sharing with us!
I pray that God will comfort you! ((Hugs))

mornin'lady said...

good post, thank you and I love Psalm 46:10, It is ALWAYS on my heart :)