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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fear and Faith

"Sweet Sensation" by Lori Barnhurst @ Little Dreamer Designs found here.

~~The girls were watching a cute video called "The Seventh Brother." I was sitting with them, combing their hair while they were watching. The wise old owl in the story said this line, "Fear and faith cannot exist in a heart at the same time." Wow! Very profound. Do they really make children's videos just for kids? Or do they add some things in there for the parents as well.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I just loved that video! We had the Little Heroes when Bre was small and it was really good too.

Good reminder. I remember my mom jokingly saying, during one of those famous Guthrie floods, that she had to worry enough for her and dad both because he didn't do his share(of worrying). :-) (he was very calm and didn't get in a tizzy about things, but just accepted that God would work them out). I think it's easy to think that way. I just love you little quotes that you post! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Kids seem not even to need those messages as much as the parents! My daughter has indominable faith in the Tooth Fairy at 9, despite the fact that 'she' has forgotten to come, 2 nights in a row (I know, shame on me). Now I worry that if I shake that faith, her faith in God will be shaken. But I suppose I'll just have faith that God will take care of that! ;0)

Anonymous said...

What a treat to see all your art work and to keep up with you, Dustin, Sierra, and Savannah. Especially when we are missing you so much. HOW DID WE GET SUCH TALENTED GRANDCHILDREN AND LOVABLE GREAT-GRANDDAUGHTERS.Love and miss you.See you in August.