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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fresh Eyes

~I'm not sure where I read this quote, but it's an art rule that is so true. I'm constantly challenging myself to "push the values" in my artwork. In order for your work to have a sense of depth and shape you need to have both spectrums of the value scale; the darkest darks and the lightest lights. If the values are right than the color simply acts to complement the piece.
~~I was talking with my husband last night about my current piece. Dustin acts as my sounding board and is also my "fresh eyes." I think it's very important for every artist to have someone; a spouse or close friend, who will be honest and open with you about your art. When you've been staring at a piece for hours on end you tend to lose a bit of your ability to truly see it. Sometimes I'll have a sense that something isn't right but I need him to help me pin it down. Because I know that Dustin is my biggest supporter, I can handle it when he gets picky with me. I actually ask him to get picky. Whereas if someone I didn't really know started picking apart my work, I would probably take offense or be a little upset.
~~If you don't have a person who can act as your fresh eyes, there are artist forums like Wetcanvas or Scribbletalk where other artists will help you and critique your work if you ask them. I have found that most of the time, people are very kind in their critiques but you do need to be ready to handle the advice or opinions of others. Sometimes people will say something that's more their opinion than an actual critique. As always you should weigh each thing that's said, decide if there's really value to it, and then make the changes or go on. Art is a very personal and individual thing. Even though we all can always be growing in our skills, there is still never a right or wrong way to create art.
~~No new updates on the painting yet. Whoever coined the phrase "lazy days of Summer" didn't live at my house, lol. Our Summer is looking busy with lots of fun activities. It's going to be a challenge to get artwork done but I'm also truly enjoying time with the girls. Lei had a wonderful post this morning about "Rushing Less" and learning to enjoy the moment. It's a lesson that I think most of us could use.


Reflections From Life Art Blog said...

Boy, I could never use my husband as my "fresh eyes"!! Whenever I ask him about how one of my WIPs is coming along, he just says, "yep, almost looks like a (insert name of object or animal I'm painting)", or "starting to look like a (you know what to do here)". Lots of help there. *Sheesh!*

I do love ST!! I used to go to WC a lot, but I had a few problems with one or two people there who were just thoughtless with their remarks. I prefer ST because it's such a family atmosphere. You don't have to worry about too many people posting, and we all banter around together. The biggest plus is that all us ST'ers who go to CPSA's convention get together and go out to eat, then we also sit together at the banquet. We really and truly are a great big family!! :D Lots of professional and helpful advice too!

Jo Castillo said...

My husband is a great "fresh eyes" person, but if I flinch he thinks I am angry at him. I explain I am upset with myself and he understands. Sometimes it takes a while. :) I love this piece and am looking forward to the finish. The colors and detail are beautiful.