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Friday, May 30, 2008

Angel with Kitten progress 3

(Click to see clearly.)
~~My little angel is starting to emerge from the canvas. This is the point where I get very excited and nervous at the same time. My stomach starts swirling. I have to remind myself to just calm down and keep going. (I love this sign.)
~~I always find it fascinating to see paintings in half-finished stages and yet for some reason I have a hard time sharing my unfinished work. When I see it on the screen I start to pick on all the things I want to work on and change instead of just seeing the process.
I was reading through the book "Moving On" The art of Steve Hanks and he includes some unfinished works. There's also a quote that explains exactly how I feel:
"Often times I wish the viewer could have experienced the process; they only experience the finished product. It's as if they just see the end of the movie or novel while I was able to experience the whole thing. Seeing a painting half-finished can be very powerful. You get an idea of where it came from and you can imagine how it will turn out. I've never been one for sharing sketches of unfinished work. It's always been my nature to want to complete everything."
~~It's Friday and the first day of Summer break for us. Yay! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Unknown said...

I agree completely! There's nothing like being submerged in a drawing/painting.

This is really really lovely!

Your new technique just rocks.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous piece of art!!
Aside from the angel wings, it looks like my daughter!

Elise said...

Hi Kasie

Given that I am not an artist and had no idea about the process involved, I have been fascinated to see the progress of your angel with the kitten. It has been such a joy to learn just a little about your process. I think you gain a deeper appreciation for anything once you know what is involved.

Thank you for sharing, teaching and inspiring.


Anonymous said... sweet! She is really pretty! It looks beautuful!