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Friday, March 28, 2008

Living in Color

~~I tend to be an earth tones/neutrals kinda girl. I'm not sure why. I decorate in earth tones, I dress in earth tones. If you peeked inside my closet you would see a lot of black and brown. I think it goes along with my cautious, sensible side. But lately I've been drawn to color: bold, bright, beautiful color.
A couple of inspiring, colorful blog reads that I love:
*Hello! My Name is Heather
*Thompson Family Life

Wow right?!! These ladies know how to live in color!

~~It may sound like a silly thing, but I want to live more colorfully; to really soak in life and notice the vibrant beauty all around.

~~I tend to alternate between my comfy black Keens and my go-with-everything brown clogs. In the corner of my closet are these cute but neglected red shoes. I'm surprised I even justified buying them.
I'm digging them out today. Life is too short. I'm living in color!

PS: Thank you, thank you to Shabby Miss Jen for helping me add a dose of color to my blog!


60 toes said...

You go girl!!!

I love the shoes!

Anonymous said...

OMG Kasie! Your blog is adorable! I love the picture of you too! So cute! Ahhhh love the picture you put in your banner too! It's just darling! :)

misti said...

Very cute shoes! I wish, sometimes, that I could wear fancy shoes around all day. They aren't quite fit for my profession, but they are nice to wear once in awhile.

Paulette Insall said...

Love the new look of the blog! I gotta figure out how to do a background on mine. I haven't played around with things enough yet to figure it out.

And I'm lovin' the red shoes girl!!! I got myself a pair of red crocs last summer and I just love 'em! I haven't had a pair of shoes that weren't some shade of black or brown since I was a kid. Sure will be glad when it's warm enough to pull 'em back out! :)

Lei said...

oh yeah - love color on my feet, because i tend to wear more metro colors as well!

E and T said...

Kasie, I love the new layout- so uplifting, fresh and enticing.

A splash of colour is good for the soul. One of my favourite things is to have a bunch of colourful and fragrant flowers in the house.

What a great philosophy you are embracing.

Ann said...

Like the new look to your blog and the red shoes! Like you I tend to go for more muted colors. But was feeling a bit drab so got some really colorful socks for my last birthday! Shoes are even braver! Very cool:)

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Love the new look Kasie :)

Jo Castillo said...

The blog looks great and the shoes are top notch! Have fun with the new colorful you!

Kriscinda said...

You go girl!!! Nothing like a pair of red shoes. Love mine :)
Your blog is very cute and colorful too!