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Friday, March 28, 2008

Living in Color

~~I tend to be an earth tones/neutrals kinda girl. I'm not sure why. I decorate in earth tones, I dress in earth tones. If you peeked inside my closet you would see a lot of black and brown. I think it goes along with my cautious, sensible side. But lately I've been drawn to color: bold, bright, beautiful color.
A couple of inspiring, colorful blog reads that I love:
*Hello! My Name is Heather
*Thompson Family Life

Wow right?!! These ladies know how to live in color!

~~It may sound like a silly thing, but I want to live more colorfully; to really soak in life and notice the vibrant beauty all around.

~~I tend to alternate between my comfy black Keens and my go-with-everything brown clogs. In the corner of my closet are these cute but neglected red shoes. I'm surprised I even justified buying them.
I'm digging them out today. Life is too short. I'm living in color!

PS: Thank you, thank you to Shabby Miss Jen for helping me add a dose of color to my blog!


60 toes said...

You go girl!!!

I love the shoes!

Anonymous said...

OMG Kasie! Your blog is adorable! I love the picture of you too! So cute! Ahhhh love the picture you put in your banner too! It's just darling! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute shoes! I wish, sometimes, that I could wear fancy shoes around all day. They aren't quite fit for my profession, but they are nice to wear once in awhile.

Paulette Insall ~ Reflecting Colors of the Soul said...

Love the new look of the blog! I gotta figure out how to do a background on mine. I haven't played around with things enough yet to figure it out.

And I'm lovin' the red shoes girl!!! I got myself a pair of red crocs last summer and I just love 'em! I haven't had a pair of shoes that weren't some shade of black or brown since I was a kid. Sure will be glad when it's warm enough to pull 'em back out! :)

Lei said...

oh yeah - love color on my feet, because i tend to wear more metro colors as well!

Elise said...

Kasie, I love the new layout- so uplifting, fresh and enticing.

A splash of colour is good for the soul. One of my favourite things is to have a bunch of colourful and fragrant flowers in the house.

What a great philosophy you are embracing.

Ann said...

Like the new look to your blog and the red shoes! Like you I tend to go for more muted colors. But was feeling a bit drab so got some really colorful socks for my last birthday! Shoes are even braver! Very cool:)

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Love the new look Kasie :)

Jo Castillo said...

The blog looks great and the shoes are top notch! Have fun with the new colorful you!

Kriscinda ~ said...

You go girl!!! Nothing like a pair of red shoes. Love mine :)
Your blog is very cute and colorful too!