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Friday, February 22, 2008

Little bits of life

~~This post is going to be a lot of randomness, lol, but here we go...
~~Sierra has had a terrible cough that just kept getting worse. I was up with her off and on Monday night and most of Tuesday night, trying to find something that would soothe the cough. Nothing worked. I took her to the doctor Wednesday and found out that it's been going around. She's on antibiotics now and also some really good cough syrup that allows her (and me!) to rest. Thank you!
~~Tuesday evening Sierra had a music program. Talk about cuteness overload! I love the Kindergarten age. I was so frustrated with myself for forgetting to grab my good zoom lense, so my photos aren't that great. Thankfully Dustin was able to get some cute video. She did so wonderful and even got to come up and sing on the microphone for one song.

~~Anyone else ready for warmer weather?! (Although I noticed that some of my Australian friends went to the beach recently.) I'll try not to be jealous! I'm wearing my "Runnin' Mom" shirt today and I feel a tiny bit like a hypocrite because I haven't been able to get in many runs lately. I've been jump roping instead. I've got a weighted rope that's killer. Just pop in some Toby Mac and you're ready to go (no freezing fingers or toes required.)
~~She's totally going to kill me for this when she's a teenager but this is the other exciting news from our house:

We have a new "Big Girl" around here. She's doing awesome. All it took was some Little Mermaid panties, who knew? The photo is totally inspired by the amazing Sheye Rosemeyer.
~~Misti asked me "what's on the easel?"'s a peek.

(And you guys thought I was just goofing off around here!) I've really got to get to work if I'm going to finish this in my self-imposed deadline.
~~We may possibly go bowling tonight, which would be fun. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. :)


Belinda Lindhardt said...

*WOW* oh Kasie this is going to be one of your best :) just beautiful :)

Elise said...

Hi Kasie

That drawing on the easel is absolutely stunning, just gorgeous. I'm taking on board your tip about The Little Mermaid pants, when it comes to toilet training my little Savanna, sounds like a fantastic idea.

What a lovely surprise I got when I clicked on your link when you were writing about warmer weather. There was our blog and us having a bit of a splash around the beach. I shouldn't really call it a beach, it's certainly not rnowned for being one of our surf beaches, it's a bay.

Soon, I'm hoping to capture some better pictures of an Australian beach as we are going to be visiting them. We've had so much rain lately that some our beaches have suffered from erosion. But, the rain has been welcome as we are on water restrictions because our dams are so low. Today, it's stinking hot here, 36 degrees celcius and the news reports are warning everyone to comply with the lifeguards requests to swim between the flags.

Gee whizz, I am extra chatty today!!

Rose Welty said...

Kasie, this is just gorgeous! You have certainly taken to acrylics.

Well Done!

Alison said...

This is beautiful. Did I miss hearing about how you came up with this one? Is it your daughter as a model? It is lovely!

Nomad said...



I can't wait to see it finished!

You are so inspiring me to paint my kids!

Valerie Jones said...

The painting is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I can't wait to see the finish!