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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Chocolate encouragement

~~Do you believe that God can speak to you through a chocolate bar wrapper?

~~I had the neatest experience last night. I believe that God speaks to us all the time. It's just that our minds and hearts are often too busy to hear what He's saying. Last night I had been painting for a while. I could feel myself getting tense. I tend to do my best work when I'm relaxed and just trust my instincts. But last night I kept over-analyzing and over-thinking everything that I was doing. I'm getting so attached to this piece that I've started worrying about messing it up. So I stopped, sat my paints down and walked into the kitchen for a break.
~~I reached into a bag of Dove chocolates and pulled out a piece. I opened the wrapper, my mind still turning. But when I looked down at the inside of the wrapper, this is what it said:

~~I'm serious! I stood there, a little stunned. Then I started laughing. I brought it in to show Dustin and ask him if he thought God spoke through chocolate wrappers. He told me that I need to pin it up right beside my canvas so that I can see it while I'm working.
~~I must be pretty hard of hearing if God needs to actually write His message down for me to hear it.
Okay Lord, I'm listening. And thank you for that sweet little bit of encouragement!


Anonymous said...

Dove chocolate wrappers are so much better than any fortune cookie saying. I just did a Paper Adventure 08 about a wrapper I got. (see my Flickr acct).

I've found that working on bits of it at a time is the best way for me to work. Whether that is an hour or 15 minutes, until I get frustrated or my mind wanders, that is when I know to stop and take a break.

Jo Castillo said...

Kasie, I am smiling. Those Dove candies have great fortunes! Good idea to put it by your easel. :)

Ann said...

I imagine we could all use that advice. I know I tend to take myself a little too seriously at times, especially when I'm stressing about something :) Thanks for sharing this story - it made me smile too!
Oh, and your painting looks to be coming along wonderfully!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! That's incredible! :-) At least he didn't have to use a donkey. :-) So,You must have pretty good hearing. I just love the new peice! Beautiful!

mornin'lady said...

Is'nt it just like our compassionate God to allow us those 2 treat in 1 suprises:)
I love the new work!!

Valerie Jones said...

God is everywhere! I love that He chose to speak to you and you were able to listen to His voice through the crinkling of the wrapper!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you received some encouragment...and I believe God can talk to you through your candy wrapper :)