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Thursday, February 7, 2008

100 Day

~~Somehow yesterday flew by! It was a nice day though. Yesterday was "hundred day" at school. That means that Sierra has been in Kindergarten 100 days! They had games and activities involving the number 100 and they all brought 100 pennies to school. In her blog the other day, Kal mentioned how her baby girl growing up made her heart hurt. The thing is, they never stop growing and your heart never stops hurting. You're so proud of them and so excited to see them learn and grow, and yet......
Every morning I walk Sierra to the door of the school but, because she's a big girl now, she wants to walk to her class by herself. So I kiss and hug her and watch through the glass doors as she happily walks down the brightly colored hall, ponytail swinging. And I think, "Does she know she's a piece of my heart?"
~~Today is going to be another good day. I'm going to have lunch with my Sweetie and make a trip to the art supply store. Sounds good to me!

**I was listening to this song in the car this morning. I love the word picture it creates; God's love is like a beautiful sunny day; a thousand winters melting.


Anonymous said...

I remember people coming up to me when I was a kid and always lamenting that I had grown so much. I never understood that until I started seeing people younger than me growing up.

Have fun at the art store!

Kriscinda ~ said...

I know, they just grow up so fast it makes me sad. Wish we could make time stand still sometimes :)