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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wind, wind go away!

~~It's been incredibly windy here the past 2 days. I'm not exaggerating! It's almost so strong that you need to tie weights to your kiddo's shoes. I'm sitting here in the house and I can hear it howling outside. The sky is brown from all the dust in the air.
~~I feel a bit behind since getting back from our trip. I still have some emails to respond to, some blogs to catch up on, and my sweet friend Belinda tagged me so I'm going to have to get to that soon. Am I the only one who feels like time is just flying by? Sometimes I feel like a hamster on a wheel; running and running but going nowhere. I hate that feeling.
~~I've made some more progress on my painting but it's very much an experiment for me. One problem I'm having is that the layers are drying lighter than when they're wet. I'm going to have to get brave and go bolder with the color.
~~Our poor cat is having some separation anxiety. We were only gone a few days and my sister came to check on him and play with him while we were gone. But now he's afraid we're going to leave him again. He was so excited when we came home that he started running around the house, jumping on things and skidding out on the wood floor! Now if any of you know our cat you'll know that's not normally like him, lol. He's usually very laid back and quiet. As much as the girls "over-love" him, you'd think he would have enjoyed some quiet time. :)
~~I'm sure you've already heard this song but I really like it so I thought I'd share.
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you blogging again! Yeah, my mom said it was windy in DFW as well. Crazy!

mornin'lady said...

Hey, Welcome Home, sounds like your trip was profitable and your getting thru the normal crazy catch up thing! Thanks for sharing about the train trip, I'm gonna mention to hubby about the Amtrak, we're always looking for something new to do when he gets in off of work.
And Eeww, the wind! we've been having quite a few fires in the area again. My son being a volunteer fireman keeps calling to check on us and says there is a statewide fire ban. Sounds a little more quiet outside this morning.
I did enjoy the song 'specially the part about learning a bit 'bout what is true and fake. And gosh, how true about the fear of making mistakes. I may have to share that one too :)

Anonymous said...

Cute pics :)