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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thank you.

~~I just wanted to thank you all for your comforting words, prayers and support about the comment issue. It means so much to me.
~~I've come to find out that this guy is leaving the same type of comments on other photos as well. My husband's cousin (who lives in another state) actually had the same comment left on a photo of her daughter. He's basically just perusing Flickr and bookmarking photos of little girls. It's very upsetting but in some way I'm glad to know that he wasn't specifically and only looking at my pictures. Flickr wasn't much help at all (which I didn't expect.) They basically sent me an email saying "sorry." I'm not sure what other options there might be but I'm going to look into them.
~~I'm sad to say that it really just put me in a down and quiet mood yesterday. I tend to be on the naive and trusting side and it hurts to have to accept that evil is out there. But today I feel calmer and can think more clearly. I've always tried to be cautious and careful but I will take this as a wake-up call and a reminder to be more vigilant and watchful.

We won't let the bad guy win!
And thank you so much Dawn for the reminder to
"Let not your heart be troubled for He has overcome the world!"


mornin'lady said...

yes!!It's an awesome thing the peace of God.
Have an awesome day, Kasie

Valerie Jones said...

I'm glad you are doing better today. Dawn's reminder is so true! Keep those words in mind throughout the coming days. You're special!

Kriscinda ~ said...

So sorry, this happened to you! I have always been kind of worried about having my pictures on flickr.