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Friday, January 4, 2008


"How Lovely" by Heidi Larson found here.

~~Every year Ali has her "One little word" prompt. The idea is to choose one word that you want to carry with you throughout the new year.
~~I've been thinking quite a bit about this. Several different words have come to mind but the one that keeps coming back is COURAGE.
~~If I could name one word that has caused me the most trouble, heartache and grief in my life it would be fear; fear of what others think, fear of failure, fear of so many things. Fear is the root of so many of the issues that I struggle with. It's why I'm so much of a perfectionist. It's why I can be quite a homebody. It's what makes me content to carve a little rut and stay right in the middle of it.
~~For so long I wished that I could just rid my life completely of fear. I thought it would be the perfect answer. But I've come to realize that not only is that impossible, but it wouldn't even be a good thing. The only way that we can have courage in our lives is to face our fears. They are, in a way, what spurs us on and shows us the strength that we otherwise would never know.
~~So I've decided to choose the word "courage" for 2008. I know that I will still have to face my fears, but courage can be my weapon. I tasted a bit of it last year when I ran the half marathon. There were some major fears in my path, one being my claustrophobia and fear of crowds, lol. But crossing the finish line was exhilarating because I had met my fears head on and conquered.
~~How about you all? I would love to hear your "one little word" for 2008.


Anonymous said...

Good word! Fear is overwhelming that is for sure. Perhaps next year that will be my word!

I chose Explore. So far I am having fun "exploring" in all the many facets it has to offer!

Valerie Jones said...

A great word! Another friend of mine is trying to have a little more courage lately too.

My word for 2008 is "independence". I want to be more self-reliant and not worry about what others want from me.

mornin'lady said...

I love what you shared about fear because I have had so much in my life too. If it had not been for the grace of God in my life I could not have even begun to hope for courage.
So I am with you, I'm choosing to receive courage, I hope this is not cheating I'm gonna choose another one that may help me with courage and that is trust; Trusting more deeply the One who is ever able to save my soul! Joshua 1:9

Anonymous said...

Regarding the sharpness on the xti, I have found that I need to switch to manual focus sometimes, especially for longer distance shots. I still need to play around with ours, which is part of the adventure in our adventures! LOL!