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Monday, January 28, 2008

All Aboard!!

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~~I mentioned before that I was going to be away from the blog. I didn't really feel comfortable saying that we were going out of town, but now I can share.
We haven't taken a family vacation in quite a while and the girls have always wanted to ride the train so we decided to take the Amtrak Heartland Flyer from Oklahoma City to Fort Worth for a little weekend getaway. It was so much fun. We had a nice time just being together.
~~We went to the Ripley's Believe it or Not and the Wax Museum on Thursday. On Friday we went to the big Galleria mall in Dallas because we had to see the new American Girl store. The girls were very excited about that! It was huge; 2 stories tall. We ate at a McDonald's that was shaped like a happy meal box. That was a big hit with the girls, lol. On Saturday we visited the historic Fort Worth Stockyards and watched them run the cattle down the street. We also did some swimming at the hotel, walking in the park, shopping, and just lounging out in our room together. All in all it was a nice time.
~~We're back home and I'm ready to get back to work. My goal was to get this painting done before January was over. And since there's only a few days left, I'd better get busy! :)


Rose Welty said...

You stinker, you come to my town and you don't swing by? :D No, I understand, family time and all. I really do, but next time think about coming over for dinner. My boys love to make new friends.

60 toes said...

looks like a lot of fun.

Jo Castillo said...

What a great trip. It was a little colder than normal there, wasn't it? It was colder here last week.

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun!! We took the amtrack out to Colorado last year and had a blast! The girls LOVED it. (and so did we. :-)) I'm so glad you were able to do this! Thanks for sharing the fun photos! It's like riding along with you. :-)

Valerie Jones said...

What fun!!!! I love the girls picture with the train guy. What's the story behind the Oprah photo?

Laura Reaux said...

How cool! I was just telling Jeromy Sunday that we need to take the kids (or at least Camden) on a train one day. How was that? Looks like such a fun trip. :)

Anonymous said...

How fun! Cute pictures too :)

Anonymous said...

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