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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sharing a Fellow Artist Mom

~~Today I want share the link to the blog and store of a fellow Artist Mom.
Her name is Sarah Jane and her tagline is "Illustrating Childhood." Her work is so soft and beautiful. It has a vintage feel and reminds you of childhood memories.
~~Sarah just recently opened an Etsy shop and wrote on her blog about the challenges of balancing her art, family, and life. It's a challenge that I know many of us face. Her writing was an inspiration to me and a soft reminder to let go of trying to do it all myself. Go here to read her post.
~~I'm going to share the quote that Sarah shared in her blog. It's by Dr. Wayne Dyer and says
"when you are connected to “Source”, you will do your best work, because it’s not your work at all…it’s God’s work through you…when you aren't connected it’s all about ego. So, he asks, “How corroded is your connection? How clear is it? What can you do to keep connected continuously? When you’re listening, you’re allowing God to give you the answers you seek. Be Still. Be Patient. Be at Peace."
~~That was such an encouraging thought, but also a bit convicting. When we aren't connected to God our work does become about ego, whether we mean it to or not. That's why we worry so much about things being "perfect" or about what others will think. The closer I can get to God, who is my Source, the less I will worry about the outcome. It's positively freeing!
~~So I want to thank Sarah for sharing her thoughts today. And I want to encourage you all to go checkout, support and encourage a fellow Artist Mom.


Valerie Jones said...

Hi Kasie,

So very true with God being our source and when we let him go it becomes our ego.

I looked at Sarah Jane's work. It is amazing...reminded me of your latest..."Wonder".

Paulette Insall ~ Reflecting Colors of the Soul said...

Oh my gosh so very true! I have found that if I don't talk to God before I paint, that I usually end up getting frustrated with my work and eventually I realize why....I'm not connecting to God like I should be. He is my source and when I let Him do His work through me, I do my very best work and I'm at peace. :)

Thank you so much for sharing this! I'm off to check out Sarah's work...and from one artist mom to another, your work is truly amazing Kasie!!