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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Is it a Blog-Worthy Day?

~~Since I started blogging, there are days when I wonder what I should write about. I started my blog as a way to encourage myself to keep going with my art and to share my journey as an Artist Mom. But what about those times when I'm in the middle of a piece or don't have any updates to show?
~~What about the ordinary days, like today? Today is filled with cleaning house, mopping, vacuuming, catching up on things. Today was about helping with homework at breakfast, potty-training with my little one (read: endless sitting in the bathroom) folding laundry, paying bills. Today will have soccer practice, spagetti for supper, a good run and scrubbing two little munchkins clean in a bubble bath.
~~Today may not have big news or updates. It may not be blog-worthy, but it is real. This is my life.
~~So much of the time I choose to write about the happy times and good things on my blog. I want it to be up-beat and encouraging. I'm afraid that, because of that, people may think that life is always perfect or great for me. Some of you have told me that I'm a great Mom, but the truth is, I don't always feel like I am. There are many times I worry that I'm just not doing it right. Some days are a struggle. Some days I just feel overwhelmed and cry.
~~But I'm always reminded that I'm not in this alone. I have my Heavenly Father to turn to. And even though I'm not perfect, I can trust that He is. He can give me the strength I need when I'm down. He can protect my children when I can't.
~~Last night I was following along in the car while Dustin walked with the girls from house to house. He is such a wonderful Daddy. I could hear the girls giggling and Savannah saying "Daddy, hold me." I was overwhelmed with the feeling that these ordinary days are a blessing. Life may not always be easy, but when you share it with the ones you love, it can always be wonderful.
~~So I won't write about scrubbing the toilet. It isn't blog-worthy. (It isn't even fun!) Today may not go down in history, but that's okay.
I like these ordinary days.


Rose Welty said...


This is an interesting post. You blog is very enjoyable, a good reminder that there are moms everywhere with the same life!

I do a few posts about home, but really, my blog is a break from all that for me. So, I prefer to post about other stuff I am learning. But, I have found the last few weeks, that the days are so busy - the mornings especially - that it just works better for me to write a draft of five posts on the weekend. I set the dates for each of the days. This then gives me a plan for the week of things to aim for. Then, usually the night before, I can polish the post or change it, add the image (which is almost never done until the last minute :-), and post it with the date for the next day. Then, the next day when "art time" rolls around, I don't feel so obligated to use it for blog posting.

Interesting how everyone works differently. Sorry to go on so long, but I was just thinking about these things this morning! :-)

Valaine said...

You're not alone :) I have begun to understand that it is in the ordinary things of my daily life that I feel like I am fulfilling my truest purpose. My children don't need me to be the best artist that I can be but they do need me to be the best mom that I can be! You're truly a blessing to those little girls!

God bless you and your family,