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Friday, November 2, 2007

Emotion in Realism

(Copyright of the artist Steve Hanks)

~~I was at Hobby Lobby earlier this week and was excited to find this calendar. It's a collection of the angels of Steve Hanks. One of my birthday gifts was pre-ordering his book Moving On, which will be published later this month. I'm very anxious to get it.
~~Greenwich Workshop, which is publishing the book, has a collection of video interviews with Steve Hanks. You can find all of them here. (I do always like to mention that Steve also works in nudes so be aware when you click the link.) The video that truly struck a chord with me was "Emotions in Realism."
~~I feel that I'm growing as an artist because more and more, I'm coming to realize the emotional impact that art can have. My work has always been realistic. I admire and study all types of art; loose, impressionistic, abstract, realistic....and yet I tend to do best with realism. When I was younger, my aim was always to get better technically. Now, even though it's always a goal to improve my technical skills, I'm thinking more and more about what the overall work conveys. What story does it tell? How does it connect with the viewer?
~~I recently discovered an artist named Joseph Blake. He calls himself Joseph Blake Storyteller. I love that! Some of my favorites are "Possibly Us," "This Summer's Castle," and "Won for One." Each piece pulls you in and makes you think of your own childhood stories.
~~I still have so far to go in my work. That is part of the journey. But it's an exciting challenge and one that I look forward to tackling!

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Belinda Lindhardt said...

I too have been thinking the same as well.. we are definitely on the same journey its really interesting isn't it.. i am not sure how or when i got to this step it just kinda evolved :) i am sure you are the same :)