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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vintage Childhood

1. I Can Fly, 2. suzy and her mommy..., 3. Untitled, 4. 1917_TheChildsWorldFirstReader_illusRhodaCampbellChase_p66.jpg

~~The longer I am a Mother, the more I find myself craving a simple childhood for my daughters. Don't get me wrong, I often fall into that trap of wanting to give them everything. But lately I've been studying vintage children's illustrations and I feel inspired by the simple beauty they show. When I think back to my childhood, my fondest memories aren't of expensive things or fancy vacations. They are of the simple, special times with my family and friends; catching fireflies, washing doll clothes, running around in the woods, climbing trees, riding my bike for hours. As I was studying the illustrations, I came across a quote, "The Lost Art of Childhood." That has really stuck in my head. I think that in our time today, it's actually a challenge to simplify our lives. Someday I want my girls to be able to look back on a childhood full of special memories of simple times.


Valerie Jones said...

I love the pictures. Oh, if life could be simple. Remember to take time to play. My children remind me everyday that the simple joys in life are brought about by playing. My son said the other day, "Mom with all your jobs you have you are wasting time." He might just be right!

mike r baker said...

I so agree. My own art is heavily influenced by the these picture books, especially Mary Blair (first image). And I try to give my own daughter a bit of this idylic world.

That third image is by Eloise Wilkin.