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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Prismacolor Inventory Checklists

~~I've been using colored pencils for probably around 15 years now. There are several different brands of high quality pencils but the brand I have always used is Prismacolor. They make every color of the rainbow and over time I've built up a collection.
~~I live in a small town with no art supply shop, so I order my pencils online. I usually use or They both offer open stock which is nice. Because I order my pencils, I have learned the importance of keeping good track of my inventory. There is nothing more frustrating than needing one certain color and finding that you're out.
~~The best time for me to do inventory is after I have finished a piece. I have the large Prismacolor box that holds 120 pencils. I make sure to keep one of each color in the box. Then I have a funny homemade contraption that works great for me. I took empty paper towel tubes and cut them into smaller tubes. I glued all the tubes to the bottom of a cardboard box. I keep my spare pencils in this pencil box, sorted by color groups.

~~I created an inventory checklist of all the colors and numbers. The picture below shows a clip of it. I can write in the number of spares I have or put a check if I have no spares. I have also found it helpful to keep the list handy when I'm working on a project. I can mark the colors I'm using so that I will know to double check those colors when it's time to order again.

~~You can all call me crazy if you want to, but it works for me. Colored pencils aren't like paint. Sometimes you really just need a certain color and mixing other colors together won't do.
~~So, if there are any Prismacolor fans out there, I thought I would share my inventory list. It is three pages long so there are three links. You can click the link to see the image and then just print each sheet. I hope someone out there can find them useful. (You will need to click to enlarge the picture before printing. It might work better to save the image first and then print.)
Prisma Inventory 1.
Prisma Inventory 2.
Prisma Inventory 3.


Valerie Jones said...

I keep an inventory also. I run into the same problem you face with no supplier in my area. I added another column to my inventory that allows you to color in a space from a light to dark value to visualize what the color looks like on paper. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures... some inspirational thoughts!

Sarah Silva said...

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