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Friday, September 21, 2007

Win a Dyson!

~~Okay, Wow! This has to be some sort of sign! My vacuum is pretty old and has lost most of its suction. Yesterday my Mom let me borrow her Dyson. She's been telling me how awesome it is. I ran it over my living room rug and was shocked, amazed and disgusted all at once. I couldn't believe how much it picked up just from my rug: the rug that I vacuum almost every day! I am convinced. The suction on these things is amazing! I asked my sister if she thought Mom would miss her vacuum if I just forgot to bring it back, lol.
~~So, imagine my surprise when that afternoon I saw on the 5 Minutes for Mom blog that they're giving away a brand new Dyson, and a pink one at that! It's a limited edition design that is only available at Target. $40 from each vacuum goes to Breast Cancer Research.
~~Now I'm supposed to tell you all to pop on over here and leave a comment to be entered. (But do I really want to give myself more competition in the drawing?!) Just Kidding! Get on over there. (As long as you give it to me if you win! )
~~On the art front, I'm actually excited about how my painting is coming along. All I wanted to do yesterday was work on it, but I only actually got about an hour in. Today looks like a much better day for painting so maybe I'll be able to post an update later.
~~It's FRIDAY people! Make it an awesome day!

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