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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Homecoming Fun!

~~Yesterday was the Highschool Homecoming. The whole town goes crazy every year, (but it's so much fun!) There's a parade and with floats and all the class royalty riding in cars. Different alumni classes get together for reunions. And in the evening, almost the entire town comes together for the football game.
~~The girls love parades. Our town will throw a parade for just about any reason. The girls grab purses (to hold all their candy), I grab water bottles and the camara, and we find a shady spot on the curbside. Dustin was even able to get off work early so that he could share in all the fun.
~~After the parade, we went to our favorite little snowcone place. They're only going to be open a few more times this season, so we had to satisfy our craving for sweet, fruity ice.
~~I don't have any pictures from the game, but it was fun. The score ended up being 69 (Us) and 0 (Them.) It was a little sad! Savannah was clapping and cheering the entire time. I'm not sure if it was the excitement or the sugar rush from the M&Ms, lol. Sierra has loved football games since she was very little and we would come to watch my brother play. The weather was so nice and we all had a wonderful evening, although I'm a little worn out today!


Josi said...

Don't you just love small towns! We had our homecoming last weekend too, and though my family doesn't get into it yet (kids not in high-school and we're not from here originally) the whole town had marquees and things, we went to a movie and had all these kids with painted faces all over the place.

Fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

I love your downtown! Very sweet! It's nice to know that you guys have homecoming. It seems that you get out of Texas and no one knows what homecoming is. Do you do the big mum's and garters?

Sorry about your painting. I know it can be frustrating. I am almost finished with a drawing and was excited about it, but I was a bit of a slacker and it is now crunch time to send it out to someone. I hope it doesn't look too terrible.