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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Life with Little Girls

~~I love the Baby Blues comic strip. Every time I read it I get a good laugh. The guy who creates it totally gets parent life. I read this one yesterday and just had to cut it out.
In case you can't see it too well:
Mom: "Hurry Up Zoe! You've been getting dressed for half an hour!"
Zoe: "I can't find the right color hair band!"
Zoe: "Oh well. I guess I'll just wear this one."
Mom: "Finally!"
Zoe: "Of course that means I'll have to change tops."

~~LOL! That is life with my 2 little girls. In many ways they are little tomboys. They're very adventurous. They love to climb and run. I can remember Sierra being about 2 and carrying her Matchbox cars around in her purse. But when it comes to hairbows, my girls think that going out without one is like going out half naked! And it has to be the perfect color. Add to that having to find the matching shoes, socks, and lately a belt and purse and you can see why we're always running late.

~~I've got a lot of things on my list to get done this week. Yesterday I just felt tired and overwhelmed. I couldn't figure out why I was so tired until I looked at my calendar. Aaaah. It's just one of those female things. Knowing that I'm not crazy helped me feel a little better. I got a really good run in last night and it felt great. I'm feeling much better today so I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished.

~~The girls are playing in the backyard. I just peeked on them. They're pretending to order things from the drive-thru. I just heard Sierra say, "I'd like a Diet Coke please!" Oh my. They listen better than you think, lol.


60 toes said...

LOL at the cartoon.

It wouldn't be funny if it wasn't true.


Anonymous said...

I love stories about kids developing their unique personalities! It seems to be that if you're a good parent, you'll raise a good person... but you never know exactly how they'll turn out in terms of likes, dislikes, & personality!

Lei said...

It's been a long time since I read the funnies... it was a Sat. morning tradition when I was a little girl!