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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Little Bit of Inspiration

~~Well, I was hoping at this point to be ready to show what I'm working on. I'm afraid I've somehow made you all think it's something grand or great because I've been excited about it. I'm afraid you might be a bit disappointed. I'm still excited about the idea, but I've been struggling with the piece. The last two pieces I've done have been on black paper. I loved doing them but now I'm struggling with doing skin on white paper. I worked all afternoon on one leg and foot and only have some very orange tinted skin to show for it. If there's one thing I can't stand- it's orange skin! Ug. I think I'm trying too hard.
~~Maybe I'm just a bit tired. My poor Husband has had to work really late every night for about a week and a half. That makes the days long for me too. I'm thinking I'll just take a break for a while. I might take the girls to the Highschool track after dinner so that I can get my run in. We did that the other day and they loved it. They played in the sand pit and rode their tricycles while I ran laps around them. Even though the running is hard for me, I'm starting to see that it can be a great stress reliever. I can't think about anything else except the next step.
~~I don't want to leave you without any artistic inspiration, so I'll share a link to a wonderful naturalist painter. Maryjo Koch. Her blog is Arte Postale. Her work is really beautiful to look at. I love the way she paints on vintage postcards.
~~Hopefully I can just work myself out of this funk and I'll post an update soon.
:) Smiles!

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Marie said...

The picture was all the inspiration I needed...I so love children's smiles...