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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Looking for an energy pill!

~~Things are definitely going much better! Sierra only had to miss Monday. My co-teacher and I kinda know what to expect now and have our daily routine down. Although yesterday I was thinking, "Is it really only Tuesday?!!" I don't know what it is about VBS but it can wipe you out! Yesterday the girls and I all crashed and took a nap as soon as we got home.
~~I've had reminders this week that I'm not a teenager anymore. I may still look like a teenager, but I'm not. We have some teen helpers in our room and they're great. They have soooo much energy. They're excited to be there and spend the whole time singing and dancing and playing with the kids. They were happy that today was our day to go to the inflatables because they wanted to bounce too. I just stand back and watch them and think, "What happened to me?" I used to have that much energy. I get guessed to be 17 all the time. I don't know why that number, but it's always 17. But I can tell you that 10 years and 2 kids past 17 and I've definitely lost some of that spring.
~~It would be easy to blame it on the busy-ness of Motherhood and it's true that being a Mom takes a lot of energy. But listen to this: We have a set of triplets in our class. (3) 3 year olds! And I found out this morning that their Mom just ran the Boston Marathon! She is quite a bit older than me, has an older child and triplets, and she likes to run marathons! Okay! I give up! I have no excuses now!

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