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Monday, June 18, 2007

Keeping on my toes

~~Today was my yearly doctor checkup. Since I was out without my Girlies, I decided to make a quick stop at the grocery store on the way back. Only, when I went inside the store, I discovered that they were in the process of moving everything around! I'm not sure why, but this seems to happen about every 6 months. They wait until you really know the layout of the store. You can run in, skim through the aisles, grab what you need and get out. Then, whoever's in charge of that sort of thing says, "Aaaaah. It's getting too easy for them. Let's just change everything around."
~~So I go in, hoping for a quick trip, only to spend a lot of time looking for things. Huh!? You moved the raisins from aisle 4 to aisle 14? Why would you do that? Wasn't that a lot of work for you guys? Maybe that was the reason. Maybe they had a bunch of rowdy bag boys and the manager said, "That's it! I want you guys to move everything on aisle 1 over to aisle 20. And arrange it in a way that it looks nothing like it did before." I don't know. I'm really not sure what their reasoning is.
~~But you know, one of my goals for this year has been to live my life with more awareness. To truly live in the moment and be more present in every day. And you definitely have to be aware when your grocery store decides to play musical aisles on you!

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