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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cartoon Inspiration

~~The fact that I was inspired by the kid's cartoon Dragon Tales this morning, shows you that I really need to get out of the house, lol. If only this dreadful rain would go away.
~~We had a rough morning. I don't know if it was the never ending rain making everyone grumpy, or the fact that Sierra was up a lot in the night with a cough. I don't know what it was, but I had 2 little girls in a crying meltdown and one Mommy very close to one. And then I hear this silly song on the tv: "If your head's stuck in a sweater, ask for help. If you can't find the right letter, ask for help. If you find yourself in trouble, ask for help on the double. (Something, something, can't remember) Ask for help!"
~~I couldn't help but smile. I believe that God talks to us all day long and He'll even use a kid's cartoon if He has to. I think the problem is that we're not always listening.
~~I've had a lot of Moms comment and email about the Artist Mom interviews. I was so glad to find so many Moms out there who, like me, are trying to find that balance in their lives. But to be completely honest, it's not always easy. There will be meltdown moments. There will be days when you feel like giving up. I know I have them. There are days when I doubt, not only my abilities as an artist, but also as a Mom.
~~That little cartoon song got me to thinking. How honest are we? It's easy to put on a happy face and try to hide the fact that sometimes we need help. Our society teaches us that we should be able to be SuperMoms. Do it all. Handle our children, our homes, our careers (whether in or out of the home) and do it all while looking like we came out of a magazine. And so when we have those hard days, we keep it inside for fear of looking like a failure.
~~I know that this is a lesson God has been trying to teach me. "Lay down your pride and ask for help." That's another reason that I've had it on my heart to encourage other Artist Moms. We can all use a little help sometimes.


Anonymous said...

It's been one of those weeks here, too. I couldn't even get out of bed this morning (and yesterday morning) without fervent prayer!

עידן said...

wow. i really like what you wrote and i agree.
and god does works in mysterious ways...

thanks so much for the comment.

Valaine said...

I agree with what you wrote above that God speaks to us all day.I wish I could recognize His voice every time he speaks to me, my life would be so awesome! When I do recognize Him I am awakened ^_^ Thank you for commenting on my art! I think your art is beautiful too!

Cathy Nichols Art said...

Thank you for the positive thoughts, Kasie! It HAS been one of those weeks. Today, though, the air seems to have cleared and all is happy again. I hope everyone is feeling better, too.

Anonymous said...

Definitely... I know I can use help quite often. I struggle with not wanting to admit it, too, or show it. It's great to be able to relate to each other... particularly artist Moms!