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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Baby Steps

~~Thanks for the comments and encouragement with my idea for interviewing Artist Moms. Sometimes I'm a little afraid to put my thoughts out there because I think they might seem silly. I'm working through "The Artist's Way" book again, this time with a good friend (Hi Valerie!) and I know that those fears are really just the devil whispering in my ear. So I'm going to ignore him.
~~I have just recently taken up running. (Well, at this point there's still a lot of walking involved too, lol!) My husband is such an amazing athlete and he really inspires me. He always seems to have so much energy. Lately I've felt so tired and run down and I know it's because I haven't made my health a priority. So I took the leap and decided to start. Now, I'm not really in shape at all so my runs aren't very long. And sometimes I'm not so sure that I'm even going to make it home, lol. But I've been using a little technique to help me out. As I run I look ahead and pick an object that isn't too far away. I tell myself that I only have to run to that sign or tree or whatever. Then, once I make it to the target, I choose another one and keep going. It helps me soooo much.
~~I got to thinking about how that parallels our lives. It's easy to make these big gigantic goals. But those goals can be scary. When we only focus on that big, faraway goal, we can get overwhelmed and give up. The key then, would be to break it down into smaller steps. I've been getting upset at myself when I can no longer run and have to start walking. But honestly, as long as I'm still heading in the right direction, I am getting somewhere. Even baby steps will work. What is that saying, "The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step?" Those are just some thoughts I've been having this evening.
**Well, the girls and I have a swimming playdate tomorrow so I hope this dreaded rain will go away. Honestly. I'm starting to wonder if we need to build an ark!
Have a great evening!

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Alison said...

I'm really proud that you started running. Way to go!