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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Telling Your Story

~~Another small update. It's bugging me that the color is not showing up correctly on screen. The skin has more of a yellow tone to it and not so much of a purple cast.

~~We've been having a nice weekend so far. Very rainy, but nice. Yesterday some of our dearest friends came over for a visit. Emily is Sierra's Best Friend. They met when they were 2 1/2. This last fall the family moved about 2 hours away and it was a hard thing for both girls. They love to write each other letters now. (More accurately they have the Mommies write and they draw the pictures.)Our friends came to town yesterday for a visit and the girls were ecstatic to see each other. It was so nice!
~~In the evening Dustin & I went to a wedding. The girls got to play at Grandpa & Grandma's house, which they love, & for us it was like having a date night. The wedding was simple but so beautiful. It was out on the patio of a college building, overlooking a fountain. The weather was perfect. The pastor began by telling the couple's story. He did it in such a catchy, storyteller's way. Then he told them how important it was to keep telling their story. To tell their story to their children someday; how they met, how they knew they were the ones for each other. He said, "It's important to let them know your story so that they know they are part of a bigger story of your love." I thought that was so cool. He talked about how God didn't just want to tell us about His love, but he sent Jesus to actually live it out. His life was a story, just like our lives are stories.
~~I know it might sound strange, but it made me want to scrapbook more, lol! I was asking myself, "What stories will my children remember? What stories do I want them to know that I may not have told? What stories are we making today?"
~~After the wedding we went to a bookstore and just sat, reading magazines. Dustin had his Triathlon magazine and I had my Art of the West, lol. Looking at such beautiful artwork inspires me so much. It makes me want to go home and work. And it also made me think, "What stories am I telling through my art?"
~~How do you share your stories? Do you scrapbook? Journal? Take lots of photos or videos? Do you sit with your children and talk? I would love to hear your ideas.


Daniel Sanger said...

this is looking amazing! I love going through your posts and watching the illustration progress - very interesting stuff:) Will be watching this one continue..

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

Thanks Daniel!
I'm really hoping to be done with this soon.

Making A Mark said...

What a lovely portrait Kasie. I also find getting colours right when scanning on black to be really difficult.

Gorgeous girls too!