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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Power of Words

~~Well, the tu-tu is in place. Hallelujah! Just in time! I think I was about to either go blind or cross-eyed, whichever came first, lol. It doesn't help that my allergies have been driving me crazy the last few days and I'm constantly looking through a fog. Not a good thing when you're trying to draw. I have a self-imposed deadline on this piece but I'm really going to have to get my bottom in gear if I'm going to make it in time. On top of that, it's the last week of school so I will be helping out all week with special crafts.

(Click image to see larger.)
~~I have to brag my Hubby up a little. : ) He participated in the Tornado Alley Duathlon this past weekend and did Awesome! He placed 2nd in his age group and 17th overall which is the best he's ever done. The guys who are always top finishers at these type of events train all the time. Dustin is really committed to putting the girls and I first and, because of that, he doesn't train as much as they do. He wakes up early or fits in a workout at lunchtime. I'm so proud of him for being such a wonderful husband and father and also for his great athletic talent. People ask me why I always come and bring the girls because most events are very early. (We had to leave our house a little after 6:00.) It's because they love to see their Daddy and he says that it really encourages him to see those little faces jumping up and down saying, "Go Daddy! Go Daddy!"

~~I've been thinking a lot about the power of words lately. I love quotes and was excited to find the work of Tina Chambers (as shown above.)
~~I've been working on purposefully praising Sierra (my 5 year old) for her good behavior, even before I see it. I will tell her, "Thank you, Sierra, for being such a good big sister and being so nice to Savannah." or "Thank you for always being so polite and obeying Mommy!" What has been so astounding to see is the way that she truly owns what I'm saying and starts acting it out. She believes me wholeheartedly.
~~This got me to thinking about what I tell myself all the time; my thoughts. Our thoughts are essentially our conversations with ourselves. And we are no different than a little child. Without realizing it, we will own whatever we tell ourselves and become that person. Wow! That is a powerful and sometimes scary thing! How many times have I told myself negative things; you can't do that, it's not good enough, you'll never...? Those thoughts are what I will act out and eventually become.
~~So the key would be to fill our minds with positive thoughts and attitudes. As a Christian, I believe in the power of God's word. So when I start feeling my mind being filled with negative or troublesome thoughts, I want to replace them with promises from the Bible.
~~How about you all? Do you ever think about the power of your thoughts and words?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Our thoughts & words are so incredibly powerful (The Secret really brought that home for me). I still don't pay enough attention to my thoughts all the time, but being aware of how poweful they are is the first step.

Congrats to your hubby! That's incredible. And it really is so sweet that his girls are there to cheer him on. ;)

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

Thanks Laura!
I definitely have to watch my thoughts. It's easy to be too hard on myself.
: ) Smiles!

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Wow Kasie she is looking beautiful you are doing a fabulous job .. you are inspiring me to do another black portrait peice... its so cute .. are you doing a background ?

those words are absolutely great. i try to do this with my boys ...i laughed tho when you said Sierra was obeying Mommy. I cant say my Maxy is doing that at all atm. LOL

Scribbit said...

That's impressive. My husband's out doing his tempo run to train for another half marathon this summer. He's trying to get in under 2 hours and would love it if I'd run with him. I love walking and rowing and pilates but running isn't my thing.